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Wazifa For Zuban Bandi
Wazifa For Zuban Bandi

Wazifa For Zuban Bandi

Wazifa For Zuban Bandi or for dushman ki zuban bandi can be called dua to keep someone’s mouth shut. Use our shohar ki zuban bandi ka wazifa for zuban bandi.

How To Use Wazifa For Zuban Bandi?

To say something malicious behind someone’s back is considered a sin in Islam. It is alright if you cannot say something good about someone, but speaking badly about a person or spreading false information to destroy a person’s reputation is a very sinful act.

If you find yourself at the receiving end of such behavior, then you can try wazifa for zuban bandi. This wazifa is meant to shut up your enemy’s mouth and to prevent him from spreading lies about you.

Wazifa For Zuban Bandi
Wazifa For Zuban Bandi

You should never let anyone tarnish your name, and if you happen to know about such an enemy, you should immediately take steps to prevent this from going on. Such acts can cause problems in your personal life or give you a bad reputation at your workplace. Here is a wazifa which you can try:

  • First, perform ablution and wear clean clothes
  • Then, perform the Isha namaz
  • Then, place the photo of your enemy who is spreading lies about you in front of you
  • After that, recite the Durood Ibrahim three times
  • Next, recite the Awaal Akhtar
  • Then, recite the Ya Najiu for 300 times
  • Then, again recite the Awaal Akhtar
  • Finally, complete with three readings of Durood Ibrahim again

Do this for 21 days without a break, and your enemy’s mouth should be shut for good.

Wazifa For Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi

Wazifa For Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi, This powerful wazifa can help you keep the mouth shut of your enemies and prevent them from spreading lies about you in the society. This wazifa can prove to be very powerful when done rightly.

  • First, perform wuzu and wear fresh garments
  • At night, perform the mandatory namaz at night
  • Then, take a black string in your hands.
  • After that, read the Surah Fateha for seven times non- stop
  • Blow on the thread in your hand and tie it into a knot each time you complete one round of reading of the Surah Fateha
  • So, by the end of the readings, you should have 7 knots on the thread
  • While trying every knot, think about your enemy’s name
  • After that, tie the thread on your right arm

Your enemy will be able to do you no harm, and he will have to keep shut. In this way, you would not even have to confront your enemy, but Allah will help you in fighting your battle against him.

There is another wazifa you can try to shut your enemy’s mouth.

  • Perform your five times daily obligatory namaz
  • Then, read the Surah Al Mumtahinu for five times
  • You will get the best results if you can read it once every time you read your five-time daily namaz.

Do this for 21 days, or even 41 days if you want to stop your enemy.

Dua To Keep Someone’s Mouth Shut

Dua To Keep Someone’s Mouth Shut, Your reputation is in your hands, and you should not just sit quietly if you see someone playing with it. Take steps to stop that person from spreading stories about you. You will have a bad name in society for no fault of your own, which is not acceptable at all. Try this Dua to keep your enemy’s mouth shut.

Recite this powerful dua and blow on your enemy. You enemy will instantly recoil and stop his malpractices:

Summum Bukum Umiyun fahum layarjiyum

Recite this as many times as you want. There is a second Dua to defeat your enemy.

Inna Aataynaa kalkawsar, fasalli lirabbika wanhar, inna shaniyaka huwul abtar

This is a prayer to Allah to punish the sinner, and you can be sure that if you are at no fault, then Allah will listen to you.

You can also read the Ayatul Kursi to stop your enemy. Read it alongside Awal Akhir and with Durood Shareef. Then, blow on your enemy. Your enemy will never think of insulting your name again.

One other way of doing this wazifa is to:

  • Write the Surah Al Mumtahinu on a white page.
  • Then, dip the page in a glass of water.
  • Then, make your enemy drink this glass of water
  • Do this just once, and see results very soon.

Shohar Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Wazifa

Shohar Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Wazifa, Sometimes, the husband strays, or he could get jealous for no reason at all. In such cases, he starts badmouthing his wife. This wazifa also works very well if you aim to prevent your husband from badmouthing you.

  • It would help if you did this on a Saturday. Time should be between 11 pm and 11:30 pm
  • Take a new lock and key
  • Write your husband’s name on the lock
  • Then, throw the lock and the key separately in a moving water body like a river
  • Your husband will be in your control after that and never say bad things about you. However, make sure that you do not do this wazifa with any bad intentions.
  • Another wazifa to make your husband, or even any relative stop staying evil things about you or painting you in a bad light, is to recite a powerful dua. This will increase your courage, as well.
  • Kaa La ra Julani Ilazeena Ya Kha Funa An Amal
  • Lahu Alaihimud Khulu Alaihimul babo
  • Falza Da Khal Tu Mu Hu Fa Inna Kum Galiboon
  • Waa ala Ilahu Fata Wak Kalu Inkun tum Mu-mineen

Recite this throughout the day as many times as you can. Alongside, pray to Allah fervently. Do good deeds, and do it from a good heart and not just to seek praises. Allah will surely help you.

You can also try reciting this Ayat:

Wa tammat Kalimatu Rabbika sidqanw wa ‘adlaa; laa mubaddila li Kalimaatih; wa Huwas Samee’ul ‘Aleem

  • Read this ayat for seven times.
  • Then blow on a roti or bread
  • Make your husband eat the bread
  • Do this for seven days, and your husband will only say good things about you to others.

With the wazifa for zuban bandi, you will be successful in stopping all the malicious lies being spread about you by your enemy.

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