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Wazifa To Win Lottery
Wazifa To Win Lottery

Wazifa To Win Lottery

Wazifa To Win Lottery or for lottery numbers can be use to win lucky draw. If you want Islamic prayer to win lotto and wanna a rich person forever then consultant to our expert today.

There are some of the Islamic wazifas that can help you to win your dream lottery. These are commonly known as wazifa to win the lottery. If you follow the full procedures of these wazifas, you will surely win.

Wazifa To Win Lottery
Wazifa To Win Lottery

We all want to win such lotteries due to the massive amount of money they offer. These lotteries are also famous when someone is in desperate need of money.

Today everyone is running for money, and the race is never-ending. Although you have enough money you will surely want more. The money from the lottery fulfills all your dreams with no hard work.

The process of winning a lottery is, make a fresh ablution after the Zohar namaz. Then recite the Durood Shareef. After that, take the lottery in your hand and make a specific dua for 59 times. Again recite Durood Shareef in the end.

Care should be taken that you are pure by the body and also by heart. You have to continue the procedure in the afternoon and the evening too.

Also, the process should be continued for 12 days or till the date of the opening of the lottery. Following this procedure, you will surely win your dream lottery and fulfill your needs.

Wazifa For Lottery Numbers

Wazifa For Lottery Numbers, Everyone wants to succeed in the game of lottery. They want the numbers printed on their lottery should win.

But there are always such cases when you still lose the lottery prize despite all your efforts. For such people, there is a wazifa for lottery numbers. 

So by reciting theses specific wazifas you can win your lottery. If you want the numbers in your lottery to be stronger, you can use these wazifas.

Things should also be taken care of that it is the game of luck. Also, you have to wear clean clothes for this — Chant the suitable dua for 100 times for 15 days. However, care should be taken that there is no gap in between.

Also, you have to perform the prayers in the afternoon. Also, fresh ablution is necessary to wear clean clothes. Then begin with reciting the Durood Sharif 11 times.

Then read the Surah Nisa 35 times. Now recite the main dua of winning the lottery for about 59 times. The duas are also available with many of the astrologers and Maulvi.

You can take their advice. Finally, after ending of the prayers recite Durood Sharif for 11 times in the last. The procedure will give you success.

Also, remember to donate one-fourth of the income to the poor and needy. Allah loves people who work for the betterment of others. Hence these are how you can win your dream lottery. Remember to save this money also for the future.

Wazifa To Win Lucky Draw

Wazifa To Win Lucky Draw, The system is a lottery is a good source for people to earn money in a short period. However, some people win regularly, but some may not. For this, there is a wazifa to win lucky draw. After reciting these wazifas you can surely expect to win a lottery.

For this, at first, you should make a fresh wuzu. Then you can do your daily isha. Then you have to perform a dua to achieve you with lots of money without any investments.

You also have to read the lottery number for at least five times loudly. After this chant the specific dua for five times following with the recitation of Surah Bakra on time. You will see positive results in a few days.

There are also some of the noon prayers to perform in the Quran. For this, you have to recite the DuroodShareef for 11 times. Then you should make the specific dua for about 59 times.

The process is hard but gives you a full advantage. Finally, recite Durood Shareef in the last. This has to be in daily routine till the date of the result of your lottery.

Furthermore, there is also a method to win such a lottery and bring luck to you. You can write the number of your lottery on a piece of paper. Now you have to drop rose water on it.

Then read the wazifa 121 times. You also have to blow the paper for about 29 times, and then keep the paper safe in your locker. This method is also one of the powerful techniques to win such lotteries.

Islamic Prayer To Win Lotto

Islamic Prayer To Win Lotto, There is also an Islamic dua to win Lottery. The luck surely depends on success but there is also Islamic prayer to win lotto.

So the persons who purchase such a lottery and do not know about the result can try it. The system of lottery is always known as the easiest and fastest way to become rich.

But we all know the consequences of the probability of winning and losing this lottery. But yes you can use some of the dua to increase your chances of winning.

One of the famous is the Ayat in Quran Shareef. This can give you the first prize in the Lottery. Also remember that money and happiness is always depends on the blessings of Allah Talah.

If Allah is happy with you and your good deeds, you will surely win a jackpot. For further help, you can also visit the molvi Saab. They are also experienced in methods to bring luck to people. If you perform such dua with full devotion and dedication you will surely win the lottery.

You can also try the namaz of Isha. For this you should posses’ fresh ablution, and also you need to recite the Surah Bakra once. After this, you can say your lottery number in loud and recite the name of Allah for five times. Following this procedure till the date of the lottery results will give you success.

Finally, you should know that money, luck and happiness always depend on your hard work. If you deserve happiness in the eyes of Allah, you will surely receive all the success and happiness in your life.

Bismillah Ka Wazifa For Money

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