Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa 4.76/5 (17)

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa
Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa or ayat for love can be use for love marriage. We will provide you a strong wa alqaitu alaika mahabbatan minni wazifa.

What Is Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa?

Islamic astrology is famous all over the world for its authenticity and quick results. People trust it and use it to change their fate. Also, Muslim astrology has gained massive popularity over the years due to its life-changing miracles.

The only solution is to take shelter in the Almighty Allah and ask for his forgiveness. Without a doubt, try the wa alqaitu alaika mahabbatan minni wazifa and see its miracles in your love life. Importantly, it is a powerful wazifa to change any mind and make the person do what you want.

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa
Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa

Particularly, follow the steps as we mention and complete the wazifa. Indeed, you can also call us to know other details and follow the correct steps.

  • Find a black cat (absolutely spotless black) in your locality and get a few hair from its mustache
  • You can also get these hair delivered to you
  • Keep the hairs in a earthen-burner and burn it
  • Then, burn it with coconut fibers
  • Make sure your husband/spouse smells the smoke raised from the flame
  • In case your lover resides at a distance, you can sprinkle the ashes at his/her residence
  • Do this on every Thursday till you achieve your results

The wazifa works faster and gets you control over your lover. The person is absolutely under your control now, and you can give directions to make the person do anything. You can restore your love like this and grow love in someone’s heart for you.

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Se Mohabbat Ka Amal

“Bismillah hir Rahman Nir Raheem.”

“In The Name of ALLAH The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”

“Sallallahu ‘Ala Mu’hammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Alayhi Wasallam”

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Se Mohabbat Ka Amal, People in love are much vulnerable to lose love or get betrayed in love. It is quite a pain to lose someone you love and live without the person. Married people are even more affected by such situations because there is a social prestige attached to it. You can entirely rely on it and depend on various surah, ayat, ishtikhara, and wazifa for a better reality.

Chant the Surah #20 Taha part of Verse #39 and save your love. You can attract love in your life with this wazifa and get someone you desire.

سورة طه وَأَلْقَيْتُ عَلَيْكَ مَحَبَّةً مِّنِّي وَلِتُصْنَعَ عَلَىٰ عَيْنِي

Wa-alqaytu AAalayka mahabbatan minnee walitusnaAAa A’ala A’aynee

Follow the steps for success:

  • This wazifa only women can do and only for a husband.
  • Take two almonds and wash them to clean
  • Try this after Esha Salah
  • Firstly, you have to put the two almonds in your mouth on your tongue
  • Visualize your husband/lover and chant Darood/Salavat continuously for 11 times
  • Read the wazifa mentioned above for 21 times
  • Take out the almonds out of your mouth
  • Use the nuts to prepare any sweet dish for your husband/lover and feed them by your hands

Note: Please do not perform during your menstruation days. Also, make sure your husband/lover does not know about this. Keep this private to you and complete the ritual without taking anyone’s help.

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Ayat For Love

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Ayat For Love, Follow Islamic tradition chants and rituals to solve your love problems. You can use it to secure your love since, in today’s time, anyone can leave you at any point in time. Hence, it is wise to secure your love and strengthen your bond.

Apart from this, singles can attract love in their lives with this simple wazifa. Your lover will start loving you even more and surrender to you. Try this if you had a break up in the past. Also, you can try this wazifa to attract a particular person in your life.

“Wa Alqaitu Aleeqa Muh’abbatam Minni”

  • Perform this wazifa every night before going to bed
  • Chant the powerful verse for the success of your love story
  • Recite it continuously for 1100 times with deep concentration
  • Make sure nothing else affects your focus at this moment
  • Blow on the imaginary face of your husband/spouse/lover after every 100 times
  • Visualize the reality you want to see and surrender to the Almighty

Some magic is beyond an explanation, and this is one of them. It only changes your life for the better and gets you a perfect loving partner in your life. Also, it strengthens your bond with your lover.

We get requests from unmarried couples to help them with a powerful solution for the success of their love. Yes, this wazifa is for all of you who are serious about your love and want to hold it for the rest of your lives.

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa For Love Marriage

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wazifa For Love Marriage, get an online love solution for all your love problems and save your love for life. Preserve your love and experience it as it reaches its goal. Yes, you can make it up to marriage with a powerful Muslim astrological solution.

We get requests from lovers to offer them a perfect solution to convince their parents for love marriage. Also, many of these kids face obstacles from the community and society. Nonetheless, there are a few who are ditched by their current lovers and seek solutions to mend it.

Any love obstacle can be removed by wa alqaitu alaika mahabbatan minni wazifa for love marriage. You only have to practice it with a definite focus and see the best results.

  • Do this prayer every night before going to bed
  • Make sure you have completed your daily Namaz
  • Take a glassful of water and keep it in front of you
  • Chant the wazifa and blow on the glass of water
  • You have to do the chanting for 21 times and blow on the water as you complete each chanting
  • End the session by offering your gratitude to the Allah
  • Ask for his forgiveness and request him to end your pains

This is a very powerful wazifa since it solves many of your love problems. You can change other realities of your life as well with this one. Hence, it is known as the miracle love solution in Islam. Call us directly to share your love problems. You can also write to us and book a counseling session with our experts.

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Powerful Dua For Lost Love

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