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Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy
Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy or for conceiving beautiful baby boy can be called wazifa for baby boy before pregnancy. We will provide you Islamic way to conceive a baby boy.

Pregnancy is one of the most fantastic experiences of any lady’s life. Giving birth is undoubtedly bringing a new human being in this world. So if you are pregnant and want a baby boy, you can use dua for the baby boy during pregnancy.

Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy
Dua For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

The steps of the dua are simple but have to perform with full dedication. Perform this dua after your obligatory namaaz. Start this particular dua on Thursday. Make a fresh ablution and sit in the posture of namaz on your praying mat.

Then place some ground turmeric in the front and repeat the Surah eight times. After this, you have to recite “Ya iLaaah” five hundred times. Then repeat the Surah for five times in the end. Remember that you should repeat the process for the month without any gap.

Following all such procedures, you will be gifted by a baby boy. If you have any doubts regarding the process, you can visit the Molvi Saab for their guidance.

Wazifa For A Baby Boy Before Pregnancy

Wazifa For A Baby Boy Before Pregnancy, We all know the fact that pregnancy is an extraordinary time for you as well for your well-wishers. It gives your family a lot of happiness.

Just hearing the news of pregnancy make everyone filled with hope and joy. But sometimes many of the family members ask for the desire for a baby boy. As there is a tradition that giving birth to a boy can help the parents until their old age.

So if you are pregnant, you can perform this wazifa for a baby boy before pregnancy. This wazifa is also helpful for such couples who initially have blessed with a baby girl.

Many of the women think that performing such wazifa during pregnancy time is not the right thing. But this is not true. Such wazifa do not have any adverse or side effects. You should have complete faith and trust in Allah as he is the one who will bless you with a son.

For this, you have to recite “Rabbi Habli Minladunka Thuuriyaatan Taayibalnaaka Samiu” dua as part of your daily prayer during pregnancy. Just remember to recite the wazifa with full dedication and pure intention. Always remember that pregnancy is the time that you should fill with total happiness.

The happiness of you will reflect on the nature of your child. Now you can also enjoy the power of wazifa to ask Allah for a baby boy. So now you and your family members will be too happy and satisfied. Hence this wazifa can fulfill all your dreams during the time of pregnancy.

Dua For Conceiving A Beautiful Baby Boy

Dua For Conceiving A Beautiful Baby Boy, The most memorable and enjoyable moment of every married couple is the expectation of a beautiful baby boy. Also, if this stage is not achieved the couple successfully always falls in depression. Dua for conceiving a beautiful baby boy as such is not an easy process. But once you follow all the proper steps, you will succeed.

So the rules of the dua are as follows. Remember, if the husband performs such dua, it is better. Also, try that both couples are equally engaged in the dua. The dua does not need any fixed time and can be performed at any time of the day.

Just remember you should be with full concentration while performing this dua. Apart from this, there are some of the surahs that you can recite in the morning that can give you many advantages.

Surah Luqman helps in the brain development of your baby. Sarah Yusuf increases the physical appearance of your baby. Surah Mariam is for ease in the labor of the pregnant lady. Even the societies from ancient times treat the women better if she has at least one male child.

Also, every father wants a boy so that he can help him to share the responsibilities of the house. Everybody considers that having a boy child is better than a girl child.

Finally, remember it depends on Allah to who he gives a girl or a boy child. There are plenty of duas in Quan-e-pak that you can recite for the boy child. You have to recite Surah-Al-Maryam, al-Mohammad and Al Yousaf. Make sure that you have to recite the Durood Shareef in the end. Taking care of all such procedures, you will be blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

Islamic Way To Conceive A Baby Boy

Islamic Way To Conceive A Baby Boy, We all know the importance of a male child in our home. Everyone has faith that he will be responsible and will work for the duties of his house.

He is believed to carry forward the name of his father. From ancient times the male child is always considered in priority than the female child. Now with the latest advancement in science and technology, these thinking have not changed yet.

So if you are pregnant and want a male child, you can use the Islamic way to conceive a baby boy. This dua if performed in proper discipline and dedication, can bring you real results.

You can visit the Molvi Saab for the appropriate guidance in completing this dua. Once you carry all the procedures of this Islamic dua, it is guaranteed that you will give birth to a baby boy.

Apart from the dua, women are advised to read the holy book of the Quran in their pregnancy days. They should also make prayer to Allah to bless them with a baby boy. Any woman should not get dishearten and always keep up their hope.

Also, remember that pregnant ladies have to regularly pray to Allah if they are excepting a baby boy. Parents should also not forget that they should not be in a rush or a hurry in such matters. After all, it is about the new life that will come into existence. So be patient and calm.

Finally, all your wishes and desire will come true with the help of Allah once you pray to him. You will bless with a baby boy. You and your family members will also be happy with such an auspicious occasion.

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