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Wazifa For Male Infertility
Wazifa For Male Infertility

Wazifa For Male Infertility

Wazifa For Male Infertility use for increasing sperm count, our quranic dua use to cure male infertility. If you are finding male infertility ka islamic ilaj then this is right place for you, just connect to our expert and get desire solution.

The blessing of having a child is an emotion that is above all. After marriage, the next big event in life is the birth of your child. Furthermore, the birth of the child brings in happiness and togetherness in the family.

It’s a natural wish of husband and wife to have a child. A child completes the notion of a family. The little one is seen as the gift of God in the first place. He/she brings a smile on your face.

Wazifa For Male Infertility
Wazifa For Male Infertility

To sit back and play with your little one is something you cherish. The baby becomes the star of the eye. Notably, in the case of first child you want to shower him with all the love.

However, the delay in the birth of a child is something that worries you. Generally, women are seen associated with the backlog of birth or infertility. The inability to have a child is usually blamed on women.

That’s not the case in the real sense. Modern scientific advances have shown that male partner can also be infertile. The female partner might be fertile and producing eggs to be fertilized into an embryo.

What if the male partner is not having sufficient sperm count of fertilizing those egg. This is what we call male infertility. However, the reliving part about this is that it can be treated.

Wazifa for male infertility can soon treat male infertility. As a result of performing wazifa for male impotence, you can have a child. There would be no need to go for artificial scientific techniques.

Wazifa For Increasing Sperm Count

Sperm count is at the heart of male infertility in the first place. Unlike past male infertility has seen a rise as compared to the female. Furthermore, the stress and pressure of personal and professional life have had an adverse effect.

The male partner is an active player in sexual activities. Similarly, his contribution is also actively required for childbirth. Having multiple intercourses would not be fruitful of sperm count is low — the reason being the absence of a sufficient number of sperms.

In this case, scientific techniques have shown potential. However, the sperm of someone else would be utilized in the scientific method. Feel of biological connect, and that of being of father would be lost.

Moreover, you want your child born out of your sperm. Then only would he/she be your biological offspring? Generally, that is what you think when you wish to have a child.

Well, this wish of yours can become a reality. No, spending on high profile doctors and medication would be required. Your trust and dedication are key in this case.

Wazifa for increasing sperm count is your answer. The process to perform Wazifa for increasing sperm count is as follow:

  • Perform fresh Wudu (Process of Cleansing) in the first place
  • To begin with recite Durood e Shareef
  • Recite this for a total of three times
  • Next, recite Ya Qawiyyu
  • Follow it with the recitation of Ya Mu-menu
  • Recite them for a total of 500 times each
  • Once again recite Durood e Shareef for a total of three times
  • Finally, give a blow on the glass of water
  • Drink the water

Quranic Dua To Cure Male Infertility

Fertility and infertility are generally seen as the domain of science and technology. In this case, holy methods are seen as less viable by the common man. However, the efficacy of sacred methods happens to be ten times than that of science.

Moreover, the scientific and medical method can waste a considerable amount of money. Furthermore, you cannot be assured of results. However, Quranic Amal (solution) you can get the result soon.

The fact that they are the Quranic method makes them pious in the first place. There is no need for artificial intervention. Moreover, the Quranic method shower the blessing of Almighty.

The born child would have the grace of God unto him. All this is not possible with scientific techniques. Scientific techniques might prove to be a hit and trial. However, Quranic solutions are always useful.

The question here is what that amal is? How can you get your child with holy methods? The answer to all these questions is one. Yes, there is no involvement of complicated procedure here.

Quranic dua to cure male infertility is that answer to your problem. To perform quranic dua to cure male infertility follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Get up at the time of dawn
  • In the first place get fresh and cleanse your body
  • To begin with, perform the daily Namaaz
  • Next up recite Surah Ambiyaa
  • Recite verse 89
  • Perform 100 recitations
  • In the meanwhile pray to God for child
  • Regularly perform the dua for 40 days

With Almighty’s grace soon you would become a father.

Male Infertility Ka Islamic Ilaj

Islamic prayers have a solution for all the worldly problems. Be it a career, marriage or child Islamic ilaj is available for all. Generally, Islamic ilaj is seen by a common man as a solution to traditional problems.

These traditional solutions include:

  • Removal of negative energy
  • Hypnotism
  • Inter-caste marriage
  • Success in career

However, Islamic Amal has more to offer than this. Childbirth and wedding related problems can be adequately addressed by Quranic amal. The faith in your heart and piousness of emotion makes all the difference.

Male infertility ka Islamic ilaj is a tried and trusted solution. From over decades, people are using this method. Performing Male infertility ka Islamic ilaj can soon bring you desired results.

Make sure that you have true faith in it in the first place. Generally, the lack of confidence is the cause behind delayed results. For performing Male infertility ka Islamic ilaj you need to follow a simple process.

The process to perform Male infertility ka Islamic ilaj is as follows:

  • Do Wudu in the first place
  • To begin with clean wear clothes
  • Next do recitations of:

“Rabbi hab li min ladunka

dhurriyyatan tayyibatan innaka

samee’ al-du’aa.”

  • Perform 101 recitations
  • Afterward, recite:

“Rabbi laa tadharni fardan

wa anta khayr ul-waaritheen.”

  • Finally pray to God for peace, happiness, and prosperity.

The practice of this Islamic ilaj would bring quick results. The desire to be a father would come true. Blessing of almighty would also bring peace and prosperity in your life. Birth of a child would be a gift of Allah.

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