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Dua Against Injustice
Dua Against Injustice

Dua Against Injustice

Dua Against Injustice is a dua that work to provide you justice, This is best dua for the oppressed, it also work against someone who has hurt you. Now you can use this dua to remove injustice in life.

Justice is like an ornament in the path of injustice. There are several occasions where we some fighting with our relatives, our friends and our own family. In this fighting or in any other incident of life whether this trade, our land which we own or on which we have right.

Dua Against Injustice
Dua Against Injustice

The events of injustice may happen, or theses are regular incidents today. In some circumstances, one brother took the lands of other brother and did not give his plot of land although in Islam both brothers are equal and they will get similar parts from their father’s property.

But nowadays this occurs most that one brother gets more share from father’s property; it is injustice with another brother. In other words, we can also see the number of different situations where crime happens to human beings. Allah says that a person who has not followed his commands I will forgive him/her.

But the haqquuk of another person to a one person who has done injustice to him/her by creating a zulim on him/her cannot be forgiven by me unless and until the person who has done wrong to another person cannot ask the person to forgive him/her. It depends upon that person on which the injustice has been done whether he gives pardon to this person or not.

In Islam, every person is stressed to do justice with every other person whether his family, relatives, and friends all need equal treatment. If you have got hurt in any way from another person, do not worry. We have a brought a Dua for you which will give you courage, and justice will prevail for you.

Below is Dua;

“Allahuma inni Asalukal Fauzai fil qazaai wa nuzul-ash- shuhadaai, wa aiyshaslua daai, wa murafaqatal-ambiyaai, wannasra alalaadaai, inaka sammailud dua”

Another one is

“Inni maghlubun fan-tassir”

 Dua Against Someone Who Has Hurt You

Dua Against Someone Who Has Hurt You, Forgiveness is the best toll to end the long rivalry between the families. It is sunnah, and it is an act which is beloved to Allah and his messenger S A W (peace and blessings be upon him). It is the most important tool to end family fighting and bring together all members, relatives in a family.

First of all, make yourself ready to forgive a person who has hurt you and your family in any way. Prepare yourself to that level where you can easily make in mind to forgive him/her who has hurt you.

It is not an easy way to forgive those persons who have to worry you mentally, socially and financially. These doings have made an enormous amount of failures to your successful and beautiful life. You can make then dua for him or her. As is clear from Hadith;

The prophet Mohammad S A W said “if anyone harms (others), Allah will harm him, and if anyone shows hostility to others, Allah will show hostility to him” as narrated by Abu Simrah. (sunan Abu Dawood)

Thus this makes it clear that anyone who tries to hurt another person Allah will destroy that person in place of that person who is being killed by him. This is not very little thing. So if you want to give a Dua for that Person who has hurt you. You have to show a big heart to forgive that person. Below is dua;

“Rabbna la tajalna fitata li qawmi zzalimeen” 

Best Dua For The Oppressed

Best Dua For The Oppressed, Islam has given every person his rights. muslim never tolerates injustice. Islam provides more power to protect the rights of a man or woman in any way. Everybody should respect any person. No one has the right to harm another person mentally, socially or economically.

If any person commits this mistake, this is the biggest sin in Islam, Because Allah has given every human being right to live in this world. In Hadith narrated by Umer ibn Al-Khattab May Allah be pleased with him, said:

All people should be aware of the supplication of an oppressed person because the request of oppressed person is answered immediately.

Source: al-Muwatta 1890

Injustice on a person is the biggest sin. So do not commit this sin because the voice and dua of oppressed person are heard by Allah immediately. Another point here is that if we are the people who get injustice himself/herself what is then a possible solution available for us.

Remember the words of Hadith that we have a great gun in our hands; that is Allah is hearing the supplication of an oppressed person. So be patient about this situation. Here is best dua for the oppressed person you can recite for him or her.

Recite this dua for 19 times after every nimaz daily. Also, you can perfect if you can read it for 786 times.

“Najaatemminka ya sayyadil kareem, Najaata wa challis naa bih aqqi bismillahir rah manir raheem”

If you want to release the oppressed person you can recite this dua for about 73 times facing the Qibla.

Dua To Remove Injustice

Dua To Remove Injustice, Injustice is a violation of truth and moves a person away from reality. Doing injustice to others or oneself both are regarded as biggest sins. Injustice is a major sin if you abuse a person emotionally, physically or socially. All these forms of injustice have nasty effects on the healthy and respectful life of that person.

Allah also says that if injustice has done upon you by another person you have the right to take 100 justice from that person. It is your right to seek justice for yourself. Allah also says that if you forgive that person who has done injustice to you from any side. The reward from Allah for you is unlimited, and there is no limit for your award of getting an excellent position.

 Rabban Afrig Alayina sabrun wa sabit aqdamana wansurna alal aqamil-kafireen 

This is the best dua to remove injustice. Regularly recite theses dua you will get justice and not get oppressed by anyone.

Dua For Judgement To Be In Your Favour In The Court

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