Surah For Good Life Partner 5/5 (3)

Surah For Good Life Partner
Surah For Good Life Partner

Surah For Good Life Partner

Surah For Good Life Partner or for good spouse from quran can be use for finding a righteous husband. We will provide you dua for getting pious wife. As-salamu alaykum readers! We hope that you all might be well. Everyone looks for the best life partner and wants to spend life with them. So to get a good life partner, read the complete article.

From dua for a good spouse from Quran to dua for finding a righteous husband, we have various Islamic dua that enable you to find a perfect husband/wife for you. If you know your life partner, then it’s ok. But you need to follow these duas in case you are unaware of your husband/wife. It is the most suitable dua when it is about arranged marriage or one-sided love.

Surah For Good Life Partner
Surah For Good Life Partner

Getting a good life partner is not easy. It all depends on luck and destiny. Almighty Allah makes the couple and decides specific husband and wives. But with the help of the surah and dua, you can pray to Allah to give you a good life partner.

Here is the process

1 – Make sure to offer Isha Namaz and follow the process before going to bed.

2 – Start with Salatul Hajat Namaz

3 – Recite Durood Shareef 3 times.

4 – Then recite Surah Rehman

5 – Again, recite Durood Shareef.

While offering Salatul Hajat Namaz, try to focus on asking Allah for a good life partner. Inshallah, you will get a good life partner. Furthermore, you can call us or contact us if you face queries.

 Dua For Good Spouse From Quran

 Dua For Good Spouse From Quran, The dua for good spouse from Quran is for those people who are near to getting married. The best way is to ask Allah to grant you a good spouse. As he is the one who makes couples, he will surely listen to you. The dua for good spouse from Quran has connected various people in the past. And to unite more couples, we are here with dua for a good spouse from Quran. 

You can also use the dua for a good spouse from Quran after marriage. It will bring your partner close to you and will ensure happiness throughout life.  The strongest dua for a good spouse from Quran has multiple benefits, and we advise you to proceed further with the dua.

Follow the given steps for dua for a good spouse from Quran 

1 – Be punctual to Namaz

2 – Select any time of Namaz as per your choice. Try to perform it during Tahajjud.

3 – Recite Durood Shareef 7 to 11 times.

4 – After it, recite Surah Fatiha 51 times.

5 – Further, recite INNAA ALLAH YUSMEEU MAANYASHAU 41 times.

6 – End the process by reciting Durood Shareef 9 times.

While practicing dua for a good spouse from Quran, you continuously need to pray to Allah for a good bride. Imagine all the qualities and characteristics that you want in your upcoming spouse. Recite the dua, and you will come across several good proposals for your marriage. The dua is effective if practiced with faith and belief.

Dua For Finding A righteous Husband

Dua For Finding A righteous Husband, It is hard to find a husband with some good qualities. After marriage, the life of a wife depends on her husband. Her living, food, clothing, everything is to be looked at by the husband. The dua for finding a righteous husband should be followed by every girl that is about to get married. Dua for finding a righteous husband is an Islamic dua that aids girls to find righteous husbands. Read brief about dua for finding a righteous husband.

Islam and our experts recommend dua for finding a righteous husband to get one with values and respect. He should know about right and wrong and should manage his family at his best. If you want a husband with all such characteristics, work on dua to find a righteous husband and get your better half.

Islamic dua for finding a righteous husband

1 – Get a glass of water and two spoons of sugar


3 – Pray to Allah for a righteous husband

4 – Now, drink the water by adding sugar to it.

Repeat the process of seven continuous, and soon you meet the right person to get married. As marriage is an important step in one’s life, you need to be careful while selecting your husband. Dua for finding a righteous husband has helped a lot of sisters in finding their life partner. Proceed the dua and get your righteous husband before it gets too late.

Dua For Getting Pious Wife

Dua For Getting Pious Wife, A boy always thinks of his future wife and desires to get one with specific qualities. Some want a pretty wife, some look for an educated wife, while some want a wife to take care of his family. Analyzing all these, we have brought an effective dua for getting a pious wife.

When a girl becomes a wife, she gets a lot of responsibility. To make sure that your wife manages your family well, you must try dua to get a pious wife.  The dua for getting a pious wife is a source to ask Allah to get a wife with all attributes.

A wife either makes a home or breaks it. Before marriage, everyone says themselves to be the best, but they show their real faces after marriage. Regarding, you might have understood the importance of dua for getting a pious wife. 

The procedure of dua for getting pious wife

1 – Sit in a clean and quiet place with a Diya.

2 – Face yourself towards Mecca and light the Diya.


4 – Recite the dua 91 times for 90 days.

Meanwhile, always pray to Allah to grant you a pious wife. Filled with religious values and education, she will be the perfect choice for you and your family. He is the only one to connect you with your desired wife. The dua for getting a pious wife has helped many of our brothers get the desired wife. Thus you can also try the dua to get a pious wife. Feel free to contact our Maulvis and Islamic experts to find a solution to any of your problems.

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