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Dua For Creating Love Between Husband And Wife
Dua For Creating Love Between Husband And Wife

Dua For Creating Love Between Husband And Wife

Dua For Creating Love Between Husband And Wife, Marriage creates a powerful bond between two people. Two souls start of their entire life journey with a promise to never depart till the last breath. In case of arranged marriage, you might struggle a bit to develop real love. It takes time in getting to know each other. Creating love is essential.

For all such people, here is a dua for creating love between husband and wife by prophet Abdullah.‘Jirimi all ibn chal aikhiyami aalam husn ibahi ull nimahi aalam baikh elaahi laahi shubbr nawaji emmam batur ukhl shubit shamam’ Quoran 94;75,32

Dua For Creating Love Between Husband And Wife
Dua For Creating Love Between Husband And Wife

The translation of dua is, May Allah, bestow his blessings. May the god of love shower us with all his positive wishes. Hey Allah! Make our life full of love. We should see nothing but love between each other.

First of all, you should recite this dua when you are around your spouse. When you serve anything, even water, or a food or even a gift, don’t offer it to your spouse without chanting this mantra at least once. As a result, this would have an excellent effect.

It acts as a vashikaran mantra. You would soon realize that you both started liking each other’s small things. You find good in everything that the other person does. The anger of yours would decrease drastically. It would also reflect positively on your work life and relations with your friends.

Your life would get more cheerful. This dua for creating love between husband and wife has changed many lives. It would change yours too. Just have faith in Allah. Consequently, everything would get better soon.

Dua for husband and wife to get back together

In a marriage, there always are ups and downs. You often fight, quarrel with your spouse. But sometimes, things get serious. We don’t know what to do. Separating is not an option. We feel somehow someone should come, wave a magic wand and everything should get back to normal. But it doesn’t happen. And it never will happen.

If somebody has to do anything, then it is you. But you don’t need to worry now. You are reading the same article where you would find a solution to your problem. Here is a dua for husband and wife to get back together:

‘Al hashid mal mukammal ibn urr al khad muhammed ya Allah khairiyat e husn mukaddar shad ellahi mesi ullala maiti shubn tlail kluool’ Quran 93;32, 84.

Translation of this dua is Hey Allah! We are your children, and your two children are fighting.  Please resolve the quarrel. You have all the powers. Create more love.

First of all, during each prayer or namaz, recite this dua for husband and wife to get back together. You will start noticing astounding results after one week. During this period try to be very selective with your choice of words while you are conversing with your spouse.

This is dua is so compelling that Shabana from Delhi said, this dua resolved the issue between her and their husband. This issue was going on between them after the birth of their second daughter. It lasted over six months. Finally, when Shabana started using this dua, things got back to normal magically in a matter of a week.

Dua for husband and wife good relationship

There was this Molvi ji very famous in Lahore province. He was notorious for husband-wife problems. Being a senior, he had massive experience of helping people to get rid of their issues. He used to give this one particular dua for husband and wife good relationship. It always worked to all people. Here it is:

‘Ellahi laahi mukhtum dush sama anta miniya, kahal fata rabbi inni fituh ndul shah imaam shabi tul al habeebi habib suul urf fakaair.’

It translates something like this: By Allah’s grace, everything is okay. And everything would continue to be good because Allah is seeing us. May Allah bestow us with lots of love. I love my spouse. And I will continue to be always loved.

There was this couple who always used to have different opinions. They never used to fight, but it indeed was a reason for lack of healthy emotional bond. They had this deeply rooted love factor missing in their marriage. And a good thing is they were aware of the elements. So they decided to do something about it.

They traveled 100 km to reach Lahore. Because they heard about this Molvi Ji, they met him. Finally, Molvi Ji gave this dua for husband and wife good relationship with them. Within a matter of a week, things started getting better. By the end of the year, they were deeply in love. And in perfect harmony. Furthermore, they never had strong different opinions after that. Now they always vouch for this Molvi Ji and the dua that he gave them.

Dua to bring husband and wife closer

Sometimes, there is some misunderstanding between husband and wife. The misunderstanding never seems to get resolved. Due to the biased mindset, no matter how logically you speak, the other person would have his perspective.  In such situations, to make things better, we need to appeal the god almighty and use his power to heal the condition.

You can use this dua to bring husband and wife closer by prophet Hamidullah.

‘Hazr-e-hazar navaabi ek zulkh hubinaa-mat itarr chaal uffn kabnzib Allah shukar elaahi nafsee yazurro mohu nafsee baraktun.’

The translation is, Hey Allah! May my bond with my spouse get stronger day by day. I pray to infuse our relationship with a lot of love and emotions. You are kind. You will take care of your disciples.

Now, you have to recite this every day at least thrice. And you have to keep a diary where you have to write this dua at least full of a page once in a day. Now, this dua to bring husband and wife closer certainly takes a bit of time. It will take around 15 days to start seeing the results. Meanwhile, you also put efforts like giving small tiny surprises to your spouse. Similarly, give occasional and genuine compliments.

There always is time once in a while in our life where we don’t get what to do. It feels that we are not getting an answer to our questions; we are not able to find any solutions to our problems. Husband-wife problems are one of those issues. And now, finally, this article has given you one less problem to deal with.

Dua To Improve Relationship Between Husband and Wife

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