Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband 5/5 (23)

Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband
Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband

Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband

Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband, When a girl reaches an age to get married, she starts weaving her dreams. Makes a clear picture of her would be husband in her mind. She looks for many qualities in the man and wants him to have all that. As times are changing, girls are becoming more vocal about their choices of husbands. She may look for a wealthy, handsome and well-spoken boy. But, I wonder how many of them look for a righteous husband. A righteous man who walks on the path guided by Allah.

Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband
Dua For Finding A Righteous Husband

There are many instances these days, where family looks for materialistic things. All they look for a family who is rich and a boy who has a good face. What is inside of those fancy walls that nobody cares for. It is also true that Allah has made no man completely perfect. No matter how much you look, you will not get all the qualities in one person. But, you can always try your level best. Think logically and look for a boy who is mentally mature.

A woman’s dua for a righteous husband

A man with a good mindset will always treat his wife well. Who is mature in the brain and kind at heart and who fears Allah. Who remembers Allah before doing any work. If he will marry a girl or your daughter, he will deal with her with all the required patience. He will treat her with absolute love and care. I am sure more than money any parent would want their daughters to be happy.

Every shinning thing is not a diamond. We often look for things which are visible from above. In our communities, marriage has become a very big thing. We chase money no matter what. We want to get our daughters married to a family which is rich. Which has a good social status? Fathers want for their daughters a businessman. This is where the real problem lies. The money has started to define the value of our relations.

A righteous Muslim will go with the simple living no matter how much he earns. If he is not showing off that doesn’t mean he is not worth. There is a lot of instances in the available hadiths that how important it is to live with piety. The real purpose of a righteous Muslim is to live with Taqwa that to abstain from everything which is illegitimate.

Taqwa is the biggest virtue of any Muslim and Allah holds every man dear who walk on this path. These things are not easy to have and indeed not easy to find too. it requires a lot of sacrifices and strong self-control. If you got to know the real value of it, you will only search for a man with it for your daughters.

Islamic prayer for a righteous husband

Like our Prophet search for inner wealth and not outer. A righteous man will have all these values. It is very hard to find such a man, especially in the times we are living in. The main question which arises here is how to find him? For that, you need to look beyond these materialistic things. When you search for a suitable boy look for his inner qualities. He should be the one who goes away from the sin and not toward it.

That man will surely not be drinking or smoking. It treats everyone around him with respect. Since enough to differentiate right from the wrong.  Always remain indulge in his work and not waste his time fooling around. Keep his parents first, no matter what. And, will stand for the needy, when it is required the most.

If you are the girl reading this and planning to marry soon, then pray to Allah day and night. Ask him to help you find a suitable groom who is pious in his ways. Who always follows the right path no matter what. He might be having a little less money. But, here I am pretty much sure what he has can no money buy. This man is the key to your all-time happiness. He will try his best to give you everything. By now you must be already convinced and have started looking for him.

Dua for righteous spouse

Allah is the all-time giver. He knows about all our needs and also he is the knower of our secret desires. How much you try, you will never able to hide things from him. Make a legitimate dua that he will offer to you the righteous husband. Who will take care of you in the best possible way? Who will always keep your happiness as his first priority, inshallah Allah will send him to you soon.

There are many duas given in the Quran which you can use to get the man of your choice. Allah has given you the liberty to choose. As it is your life and you have all the right to make a decision.

Islamic duas for finding somebody to get married to:

The dua is as follows:

“Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer, Allahumma , rahmataka arju fala takilni ila nafsi tarafata, aynin wa aslih li shani kullahu, allahumma aghnini bi halaika an haramika wa ni ti atika, an ma siyatika wa bi fadlika amman siwaka”

After reading this Allah will bestow upon you everything which is righteous, be it a husband. He will ease your path and bestow upon you the man of your choice. He will make all the things in your life halal or legal. And, not for a moment, he will abandon you. The more important here is that you should not abandon him.


“Rabbi have min ladunka zaujan tayyiban wayakoona sahiban lee fiddeeni wadunya wal aahirat” in this way you will ask Allah to give you the best husband from his side.

Always go to him when you are in need. Ask for his help and remember him day and night. He is there for you. He will remove all your difficulties and fill your life with all the happiness.


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