Powerful Dua To Destroy Sihr 5/5 (22)

Dua to Destroy Sihr
Dua to Destroy Sihr

Dua to Destroy Sihr

Powerful Dua To Destroy Sihr is a Treatment For Sihr Of Separation that able to find Love Symptoms and use to Protection From Sihr. our dua providing you Get Rid Of Sihr and Cure For Sihr Of The Impending Marriage. if you have sihar then must use our dua services to Find Hidden Sihr and Find Out Who Is Doing Magic. you can Remove Sihr From The Stomach also Break Sihr by using our strong dua.

Ruqyah To Remove Black Magic…

In our world two kinds of energies functions, one is positive and the other is negative like sihr. There are many forces which exists around us, influences our daily routine and even affects us without our knowledge.

Today. When we have moved so much into the modernity, it seems to amaze to the lot of us that some unworldly forces can still affect us? Most of the people today do not have faith on such things and whenever the topic arises they tend to dismiss it.

Well, whether you believe it or not, truth is our activities as humans has gone even a step ahead than Satan and the major reason of it is our dwindling faith on serene and sacred being like Allah.

Dua to Destroy Sihr
Dua to Destroy Sihr

Sihr or the black magic is a forbidden act in Islam and is one of the kufr. The one who practices is the humanly embodiment of shaitaan in this world. But, it is indeed very unfortunate to know that, people know how much black forces are condemned by Allah.

Dua to remove sihr

but still they resort to them as timely and instant solution to their so called problems. All I wonder is, if people know that sihris a severe crime in our religion and such people will never be forgiven in this world or the other.

Ayat For Protection From Black Magic…

It is said in the gone times, when people were ignorant in the land of Jahiliyah (Ignorance) and they had little faith in the true power of Allah and guidance of his messengers like prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). In Islam the black magic is called sihr because its meaning and practices are hidden and they do unlawful acts to bring delusion to people.

Dua to get rid of sihr

Black magic has the tendency to confuse people and make them unable to differentiate between what is real and what is not. The practitioner of black magic is just like a magician who misguide people and led their faith in the direction of something which is not real and by the time people realise that they are tricked, it is usually too late and they happen to lost everything around them.

The term Sihr is taken from the world Sahar which is the later part of the night and usually such things are done in the secrecy of that time when people are usually asleep. And also the effect of Sihr is said to be the influence or capture of other worldly beings like Jinns. So, it is always suggested to the muslims to stay regular with your namaz and seek protection of Allah from such influences.

Dua for curing sihr

There is a reason why our elders tell us to stay away from a certain thing like be cautious while crossing cross roads. The magic can happen on the simplest of things or can pass to person in the ways of simple and common things like eatables or something you use.

At that time, you will not realise that but soon some weird things will start to happen to you, all your plans start to get cancelled and you will face obstacles in your work. Your health will start to suffer and if the sihr is strong then there are instances when people have even lost their lives.

islamic dua for sihr

I wish Allah will always keep all his followers safe from such things and in case you have already come under the influence of something like this, then please don’t worry, inshallah Allah willshow you a way out. The key here is to act with a little patience and not go to any hoax or the one who practices sihr. They are the very people who are responsible for your condition so it is better and highly suggested for you to maintain your distance from them.

dua against sihr

There are many duas in Qura’an which you can recite to combat black magic. As an effect of black magic a lot things happen to you like constant headache and no matter how many medicines you take or get cured by the doctor, you are not able to get rid of it. So, here is the dua which will certainly release your pain in no time:

“Aoodu Bizzatillahi wa qudrattillahi wa azmattillahi wa burhannillahi wa sultannillahi wa kanafillalhi wa jawarilllahi wa amanillahi wa hirzillahi wa suniillahi wa kibriya illahi wa nazarillahi wa bahaillahi wa jallalilahi wqa kamlillahi wa jamalillahi laa illahi illahu muhammadun rasolullahi min sharri ma ajdu” the meaning of the dua is o lard I seek protection from the evil who is threatening me and with the might, strength and the greatness of Allah.

Dua to Destroy Sihr
Dua to Destroy Sihr

the demonstration of Allah and the sovereignty of Allah and in the security amnesty and in the shield of Allah and in the pride and grandeur of Allah and there is no god other than Allah who could save me from the effect of magic. Recite the dua day and night and inshallah you will get out of the vicious circle of magic.

There is one more dua which is suggested by our beloved prophet to keep the devils at bay and seek protection and destroy the effect of magic. For this recite verse 54 and 56 of Al Araf.

The dua is as follows:

“Inna Rabbukumul lahu lade khalaqas samawaati wal arza fee sittati ayyamin thumastawaa alal arsh yughshil laylan nahara yatlubhoo hatheethaw wash shamsa wal qamara wan najooma musakharaatim bi amrih ala lahul khalqu wal amr”

Tabarakallahu rabbul alameen udoo rabbakum tazarru aw wa khufyah innahu laa yuhibbul mutadeen wa laa tufsidu fil arzi bad aa islaahihaa wadoohu khawfaw wa tamaa inna rahmatallahi qareebum  minal muhsineen”.

In the morning and the night or indeed continuously keep the recitation of Aytal kursi and blow it on yourself and your house. Keep away from suspicious things or from suspicious people and I will also suggest when you visit any dargah or some shrine then please do mind your acts. There is no need to call undue trouble by offending the resting souls. May Allah keep you safe always. Ameen.

Dua To Break Sihr

Dua to break sihr or black magic this is one of the very bad illnesses that nobody should fall due to this illness. People perform the black magic or sihr on you to grab all your happiness, health and wealth. This is being performed by the cruel-hearted person from ancient times to destroy innocent people. Black magic is the most dangerous thing in the universe. Every person will have enemies in their lives.

Some will have direct enemies who will do all the things directly to destroy; some will have indirect enemies who will do things in the dark to hit their enemies in a strong way. Either you are good or bad you should not come under the curse of sihr. Because once you come under this sihr your entire life will be spoiled until you find out the ways to come out of it.

If you have any doubt that you are suffering due to the black magic perform the following dua which will keep you safe from its worst effects.


This is the most powerful dua from Imam Ali Ibn Talib and he has written this dua on the deer skin. This will completely keep you safe when you perform this dua perfectly and continuously. Nobody in this world should experience the worst effects of the black magic because it will grab everything from you and make you to stand like a beggar on the streets. If you have enemies who are very dangerous and who are very capable of doing such a thing be careful with them.

Dua To Remove Sihr From The Stomach

Dua To Remove Sihr From The Stomach, These days it is really very difficult to see honesty people because people will say good things to you, they will behave very good towards you. They will be very good and always think only best just in front of you but they are always ready to do all the nasty things at the back of you to destroy you completely. This is the actual world in which we are living. These days it is really very difficult to judge who is what, the close friend of you can become your enemy at the back.

Even it is very difficult to judge your own siblings because if you become rich and got well settled in your life they will never be happy with your improvement. This may happen due to jealousy, so your own sibling will become your enemy and start giving troubles indirectly to put an end for your improvement in your life.

If you are achieving great success and improvement in your both professional and personal life together you will also start gaining your enemies. The only aim of your enemies is to destroy you in some way. Some will use black magic and some will perform sihr on you. They will perform sihr on some food items and they will give it to you. When you eat that food it will get settled in your stomach.

From that moment you will not really feel very good both physically and mentally. Both your thinking and health will not be up to marks and you will not perform well in your professional life. you will not feel hunger, and moods swings may happen to you in an extreme range.

All these things are just the starting effects of sihr. It is very important to remove this from your stomach once you realize wired things from your behavior. Contact the Islamic expert to remove the sihr from the stomach.

Dua To Find Out Who Is Doing Magic

Dua to find out who is doing magic, this is the most powerful dua which will help you to find out your enemy who is performing black magic on you. These days improvement in professional and personal life is also a sin according to your enemies and enemy relatives and friends. However, it will very difficult for people to digest when you become successful in your life.

If you get married to a good person or you get a good job or if you achieve great success in your professional life. Or if you have a good family environment or if your business is going well people will never be happy because they want you to stay in the same place where you are.  In case if you are achieving success again and again in your life they will start showing their real face. They cannot come and destroy or defeat you directly so they will take the indirect route to defeat and destroy you.

Black magic or sihr is the only powerful way that your enemies choose to destroy you. Black magic is very dangerous and nobody should struggle in their lives due to black magic. Once you come under this cruel black magic your entire life will be reversed. If you are in the top position it will bring you to the streets. Black magic has such a power to make a billionaire into zero.

If you come under black magic it will show some of the symptoms which are really very dangerous. Once if you feel very different in your daily activities and if you doubt that somebody is performing black magic on you. Just contact the Islamic expert to know who is performing black magic on you. He will suggest you the perfect dua to find that person.

Dua To Find Hidden Sihr

Dua to find the hidden sihr or black magic:  if somebody has performed black magic on you, it will easily come to the light by showing certain symptoms. You easily come to know that you are under the black magic by realizing certain symptoms.

If your interest lacks in the job, or personal life, if you don’t feel hunger, if your physical and mental health is declining day by day etc all these are the starting symptoms of sihr.

With some of the symptoms, you can easily find out the black magic in you. However, when some people perform extremely powerful black magic you cannot find out them easily. This will destroy you from inside; you will never get a chance to realize what is happening within you.

Some of the black magic is extremely powerful that it will destroy the entire life of the person inside without showing its symptoms outside.  You are really fortunate when you get to realize or if someone finds out that you are under such type of hidden sihr.

It is really very difficult to find the hidden sihr or black magic as it will start the work of destroying you from inside. The moment when it shows its effect outside you are truly late and you cannot do anything to remove it. Only powerful Islamic experts can help you to remove the hidden sihr from inside.

If you have doubt that you are under the hidden black magic here is the great solution to remove the black magic that is hidden in you. The dua to find the hidden black magic is the only way to remove the hidden black magic from you. Contact the Islamic expert to get dua he will suggest you with the perfect dua that will easily help you to find the hidden black magic within you.

The Cure For Sihr Of The Impending Marriage

The cure for sihr of the impending marriage, we all know very well that every mother, father, sister, and brother will be very happy when their daughter, son or sister or brother is getting married.

Marriage not only brings happiness within the couples, but it will give eternal happiness by uniting two different families together. In such a way parents will do lots and lots of research when fixing the marriage, especially for the girls. When they arrange a marriage for their daughters they will do a lot more research to find out whether the guy and their family is perfect to her in all aspects. They will fix the marriage only when everything is fine from the entire angle.

There will be a group of people in your surroundings whose business is always creating struggles in your life. If they are jealous about your new life they will plan seriously to stop happiness in your life. the only cruel way they choose to stop your marriage and happiness is performing the sihr on you to stop the marriage. When they perform black magic to stop your marriage somehow your marriage will come to end because black magic is extremely powerful and can easily destroy things.

If you want to remove the impending sihr on marriage here is amazing, contact the expert who can suggest you amazing methods to remove the sihr from your life. he/she will suggest you perfect methods to cure the impending sihr on the marriage. Once you contact the expert he will guide you completely in the removing process. Once you have removed the sihr you will see the next beautiful part of your life easier.

Dua To Get Rid Of Sihr

Dua to get rid of sihr, the Islamic dua is very powerful that they can do wonders in your life. You can easily make anything possible by performing Islamic dua. There are countless Islamic experts who can easily suggest you perfect suggestions and dua solve any of your life problems.

The Islamic dua to get rid of sihr, is the most powerful dua which will help you to get rid of the sihr or black magic. Everyone in this world has enemies, some will fight directly with you and some will always keen on defeating and destroying you indirectly.

These type of black magic things are carried out only by the jealousy relatives and friends. When one of your friends or relatives are jealous about your improvement in both personal and professional life they will not feel happy and peaceful.

Because they are jealous of you and they never want you to come up in your life. they will be like your shadow and watching all your activities when you do anything good that will take you to the next level of your life, they will put hurdles at that point to stop the improvement.

The only way they choose to do so is black magic. Through black magic, they will completely destroy you. When you are under the effects of black magic you cannot invest concentration on anything and on anybody even on your wife and children. Both our physical and mental health will decline day by day. You will continuously experience failure in all the things that you take over.

Your entire life will be spoiled when you are under the effects of black magic. if you realize that these effects are due to black magic here is an amazing solution to remove black magic from your life. The dua to remove black magic from your life will help you to completely remove the sihr from you. Contact the Islamic expert who can suggest you perfect dua remove the black magic from your life.

Dua For Protection From Sihr

Dua for protection from sihr, this dua will give unbreakable protection from the black magic. If you have any doubt that somebody is performing black magic on you. Just contact the Islamic expert who can suggest you the perfect dua that can give protection from black magic to you and your family.  When somebody does black magic on you, suddenly you will not start experiencing the symptoms of the black magic. Gradually you will start feeling the symptoms of the black magic.

Anyways protection is always better than cure, therefore when you are achieving great and continuous success in your life. You must take little time to get protection from these types of evil things.

However, your success is just giving happiness for you and your own family but the jealousy relatives and friends will never feel happy about your success and achievement. They will always keep their mind busy in destroying you and your happiness.

They will spend their entire time in thinking about how to destroy you. So you must be always cautious when you are reaching up in the life’s ladder. Together you must learn to balance all these things by getting better protection. You must consult the Islamic expert who can suggest you powerful protection methods to stay away from these type of evil things.

The expert will suggest you with the perfect and powerful dua and you must perform the dua according to the expert instruction. When you perform the dua that will keep you out from the black magic on a regular basis sure even powerful black magic will never dare to touch you.

Sihr Of Love Symptoms

shir of love symptoms, this is the very dangerous type of black magic always performed by the woman or man who doesn’t have patience in their love and relationship. When your wife or husband is not well behaving with you, it is very important for you to carry some patience to turn to change their behavior.

You can easily change the behavior of the person by showering unconditional love and affection them.

  • Extremely passionate about love and having sex
  • Having the lust feeling on someone’s spouse
  • Obedience to someone’s wife or husband
  • Having an illegal relationship with other spouse

The symptoms of sihr that was eaten or drunken

  • Permanent pain in the stomach
  • Increases body pain when the magic becomes old
  • Bloated stomach
  • Feeling a type of unusual heat in the body during the time chanting
  • Losing the patience
  • Constipation
  • Strong stomach pain for a woman during a menstrual period
  • Swollen hands and feet with black spots

These are the symptoms of sihr you will experience when your husband or wife performs black magic on you to make you turn around them always. It is always best to consult the Islamic expert to know more about the symptoms and effects of black magic when you are experiencing these type of issues in your daily life and better to get a suggestion to remove this as soon as possible.

Treatment For Sihr Of Separation

Treatment For Sihr Of Separation, sihr or black magic very dangerous thing in life. When you are under black magic you will start feeling wired and never want to achieve anything in your life. The black magic will never allow you to come up in life. It will disturb you both physically and mentally such you’ll not have an interest in anything in your life.

the only way to remove her from your life is to contact the Islamic expert and he/she will suggest you with the powerful dua or wazifa to remove the black magic completely from your life.  Islamic wazifa and dua are very strong and can do magic in your life. The Islamic dua is extremely powerful with the help of dua you can surely achieve great things in your life.

it is really not that easy to suffer in your life due to the effects of black magic. you must take appropriate action to get rid of black magic soon in your life. when you perform dua it will directly connect you to the god. Through Dua, you can directly put your wish or difficulties on the hands of god. When you perform dua everything will go easily and smoothly.

When you are achieving success in your professional life and your personal life is really happy and peaceful, your enemies will never like your happiness and success. they will try to put hurdles in each and every step that you keep.

The only way they choose to destroy all your happiness is black magic once they perform black magic you will never have an interest in anything and anybody. Sure it will give continuous failure in your life until you remove it from your life. so it is always best to get treatment and remove the sihr from your life before it totally destroys you and your happiness.

Symptoms Of Sihr Of Separation

Symptoms of sihr of separation, when someone does black magic on you, from the day one gradually you will start feeling the wired symptoms of sihr. This is not really very good to experience, you cannot say that all your enemies, friends and relatives are very good and they will not harm you in any way.

This is really a blind belief on the word which is always waiting to see your fall from both professional and personal life. When you are leading a happy life with your family and your professional life is really good.

Some people around you are always jealous about that and they always want you to stay in the same place without any improvement. To stop your improvement they will start performing black magic on you.

Once they perform black magic, you will start experiencing some of the wired symptoms that you have never experienced before. Here are the symptoms of sihr separation in your body.

  • Watching stool in the dream
  • Often headache
  • Severe body pain
  • Increases sexual activity
  • Joint pain and back pain
  • Stinky farts
  • Your face will become darker day by day
  • Stomach ache and lose motions
  • Feeling about getting away from Islam
  • Hot breathing and body temperature increases suddenly
  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Urinating frequently
  • Chest pain and difficulties in breathing
  • Getting irritated quickly
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Restlessness
  • Strange feelings
  • Lose or suppressed appetite
  • Numbness of hands and the legs
  • Bad voice tone
  • Nightmares
  • Wish to sleep in the day time
  • You’ll fee unhappy and no peace of mind but still you have everything
  • Pimples on the face
  • Hate yourself
  • Burning chest and acidity
  • Veins getting tight
  • Getting lazy day by day
  • The face will change its appearance
  • Feeling hungry quickly
  • Lose of memory

If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your daily life, contact the Islamic expert immediately as this is the symptoms of the black magic and sure you must remove this from your life.

Dua Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick Or Suffer

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