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Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies
Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies

Powerful Best Dua To Get Rid of Enemies

Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies
Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies

Dua for victory over enemy or to punish enemy can be use to keep enemies mouth shut. You can use our dua for protection from enemies to get victory over enemy.

Anyone can use it Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies. When Allah made skies and Earths, then angels asked him that where has he hidden the true beauty? Allah replied that the true beauty lays in his heart he who is devoid of Kinna or bugz (Jealousy).

Today, conflict has become so integral to us that instead of love in our hearts there exist hatred, treachery and jealousy. Or levels of acceptance has gone down to a minimal level and we have forget in other’s pleasure, in their achievements be it a success, a new house, a good job or a promotion at it or even if their daughters are getting married at a good place and the list is long.

It is all so because we have learnt to envy for the sake of it. And mind you we all fall in the same category as it is easy to raise a finger at others and way too difficult to see our true face in the mirror. If you are reading it to seek a solution to your problems then first, it is imperative that you yourself should not be a reason to others trouble.

Dua To Get Rid of Enemy In One Night

Dua To Get Rid of Enemy In One Night, A heart at peace is the one which has no ill will for the others, but unfortunately most of the harm done to us is by the ones closest to us. Brother against Brother, sister against sister, neighbors cannot see their neighbors grow and it way too easy to find ample of enemies in our extended families.

They say satan is the biggest enemy of the human kind, and we have given the permanent refuge to him instead of Allah in our hearts. To Allah, the biggest enemy is the one who interpose between themselves.

Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies :- With so much of evil around, both inside and outside of us, what should we do protect us and our families? This is the basic question which arises in our mind and unfortunately to find its answers we go to unislamic ways.

Like I have always said, Allah has promise to deliver us from all our troubles only if we seek his path, which my dear believers is the easiest one. Qur’an has a key to all our problems all we have to do is to look.

There are some troubles which struck us out of nowhere and there are enemies who go after us even if we are on a right track. There are many Duas which you can do to rescue yourself and provide a safeguard to yourself from these unwanted enemies. It is better to be regular in you namaz and do a sincere dua to Allah.

Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies:-


 meaning O lord, verily, I am overcome, so help me. About this Dua Imam Musa bin Jafar Al Kazim said: if a person subjected to oppression recites the given dua inshallah Allah will destroy its oppress and he will be safeguarded.

There is no prescribed procedure to it so you can go ahead reciting it all the time till you get rid of your enemy.

There is one more Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies,


It can be translated as there is neither power nor strength with any except Allah to save us.

They also say that it is good to keep Surah Al Bara-at on the body to remain safe from the plots of the enemies.

You can also do the wazifah of Srah Al – fil daily in the first Rakaat of the Fajr namaz after reciting the al Fatihah till the danger disappears.

Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies
Powerful Best Dua to Get Rid of Enemies

Here, as I have provided you with the ample of safeguards but these will only work if you posit your true faith in Allah and don’t let your faith to be a one in disguise. And to destroy your enemies you can also recite the following dua for 500 times for 3 days:-

YA MUDAMMIL KULLI JABBARIN ANEEDIN BIQHARIN AZEEMIN WA SULTAHNEE to recite the following dua Imam Ali has prescribed the following way. Pray a two rakat salaat and after doing the salaam recite verse ten of Al qamar for a hundred times and inshallah Allah will deliver him from the oppressor.

Dua To Remove Enemy

Dua To Remove Enemy, After doing all this and even one with a sincere attempt and dua, you will see that all your troubles will gradually start to recede.

As a muslim a lot of things are taught to us so very randomly while we grow up something that we do daily, which our mothers practice but they are so mundane that we fail to realize their value.

And one such thing is Aital Kursi and if you recite this golden verse of Qur’an day and Night, before leaving or entering the house, no evil will touch you and shaitan(Satan) will always keep its distance from you.

Satan has no face or body but it resides in our actions, in our words and in our deed and nowadays we humans have become its embodiment and he seems to exist in all of us.

The troubles which we tend to create for others  will return to us in one way or the other, as karma is circles and as the famous English saying goes ‘what comes around goes around”.

This saying is a noble lesson to those who humiliate others, traumatize them and oppress them for absolutely no reason. Their actions will sooner or later will be accounted for and a severe punishment awaits them.

Allah has given us only one life and all our deeds reflect upon us here only. The only problem is we haven’t yet learned the lesson of retrospection yet, we find it easy to judge others than to ourselves and hence, all our troubles begin.

I hope through all these dua you will find a way to your rescue and will be able to seek a solution. And also be a little careful toward your actions, too. Allah the almighty always have your back and after being delivered of your troubles do thank him. May, Allah bless you always.

Dua For Victory Over The Enemy

Dua For Victory Over The Enemy, Enemy a person who always envy you on your every happiness. They want to destroy you in every possible manner as they have that negative power to control. The enemy is not someone with whom you get ease yourself. Here you need to get a hold of them on which your grip should hard and tight.

These are the types of people on whom you can’t trust for a single bit, as they will not take another second to take advantage of your trust. They will find your weakness in the meantime and start hurting you from deep inside.

You can’t judge your enemies, or you can’t recognize them as it not written on their faces. Even many times, your known person is your enemy who pretends as your closet one, but in actual, he is the one on whom you can’t build your faith.

Nowadays, every other person has become one another’s enemy as they can’t tolerate the happiness of others. They only want to kill others for the sake of their joy because they do not have the stamina to see others in good times.

As it is said, keep your enemies close to you, keep an eye on their moves, keep your records maintain about their next dangerous step. Hard to believe but nowadays we all are surrounded by our enemies right now, which will not take another minute to destroy your life within their next move

Dua To Punish The Enemy

Dua To Punish The Enemy, The enemy is the person who can’t find easily on the roads; for this, an individual needs to get plenty of experience to find his enemy from among the crowd. When a person does not feel able to achieve stuff which you do have, start envying you. Then onwards process of taking revenge begins.

No one is harmful, like your closet ones, and the process of becoming an enemy always starts within your family. Being a good human, you need to stay away from your enemies, never disclose all your secrets and belongings to anyone else.

Your secrets and possession are the weapons to your enemy. By revealing all such necessary information, you can’t go well with such persons.

How To Make Your Enemy punish By Dua?

Many of you must get tired off from your enemies, and you do not want them to trouble or hurt you anymore. As they will not take another minute to damage or ruin your life within a further period. Therefore, you need to recite following dua as much as you can to punish your enemy:

YaaUddatiiIndaaShidaati Waa YaaGausiiIndaaKurrBatiiUhh Rees NiiBiiAiniiKallLatiiLaaTaaNaaMuuWaakFinii Be RukknikkalLaziLaaYuuRammuYaaZallKuwwatillKaaWayyitti Waa ZallJalaliishShadiDii Waa YazzalIzzatiilLatiiKulluKhalkiiKaaLahaaZaaLilun Salli Alaa Muhamma Diiw Waa Ali Muhamma Din WaakFiiNiiZaaliMiiWannTakiimLiiMinhoo

Dua To Keep Enemies Mouth Shut

Dua To Keep Enemies Mouth Shut, It is the person who can destroy your life within a minute of seconds. They always keep an eye on your moves. They continually update themselves with the proper knowledge related to you. Hence, they never miss any chance to harm you or kill you.

Nowadays, no one is happy to see you happy with others. No one can tolerate your smiles, gleam if happiness in your eyes. They all do have different plans to ruin your life.

However, one of their favorite techniques to destroy your life is spreading fake rumors related to you. Threats become familiar when you have an enemy, keep yourself away from such pathetic persons as they will not take another minute to stab in your back.

Never show your fears and weakness to anyone because it may become your enemy’s weapon to ruin your life. Such enemies hide because they are the one who knows you better than others.

They are the ones who are most close to you. By taking their most natural step of spreading rumors about you can make you feel down, and sometimes it can either destroy your life as well.

How To Make Your Enemies’ Mouth Shut By Dua?

So we are going to suggest an Islamic dua, which would assist you in keeping your enemy mouth shut. Recite following dua to keep your enemy’s mouth shut from spreading fake rumors about you:

Allaah Umma Inna Najalukaa fi NuuhuRihim Waa NauthuBikaaMiinShuruRihim.

Dua For Protection From Enemies

Dua For Protection From Enemies, Protection is a must in an individual’s life. We do a lot of precautions only to protect ourselves from any danger. Now, most of us are facing challenges only due to our enemies. Enemies are the ones who envy us, who covet our happiness. They are ready to do everything to ruin our lives.

We can address them as our competitors, our failure competitors. They failed because they can’t reach to the point where we are; therefore, they start to envy us and become our enemy eventually.

Protecting yourself and protecting your family from your enemies is a must requirement. Because they commit anything to harm you, their main goal is to make you down. Nowadays, hatred is spreading rapidly, which is not suitable for anyone. It may do have all those problems which are ready to stab you at any moment.

Threats become familiar when you have an enemy, keep yourself away from such pathetic persons as they will not take another minute to stab in your back. When a person is not able to achieve stuff which you do have, start envying you. Then onwards process of taking revenge begins.

How To Protect Yourself From Your Enemy?

We all are scared of our enemies, and we do not want to stab them in our backs or to the person related to us. Therefore, we would recommend a dua which will help you, recite it:

AllaahUmmak fin IhimBimaShita.

Dua Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick or Suffer

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