Wazifa For Desired Proposal

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Wazifa For Desired Proposal

Wazifa For Desired Proposal or to get good marriage proposals can be use for acceptance of marriage proposal. We also deliver wazifa for love marriage proposal to solve your proposal related problems.

Wazifa For Desired Proposal
Wazifa For Desired Proposal

Practice wazifa for desired proposal to overcome difficulties coming your way. Moreover, it strengthens your prayers, and you receive a strong and quick answer.

As such, try these wazifas;

  • After your Asr Salah and Isha Salah, perform your everyday prayers. Then, say Allah’s name 500 times. Now, recite Surah Ikhlas 41 times after Isha After making a dua go to sleep without talking to anyone. Finally, repeat this daily for 90 days.
  • Again, recite Surah Rehman 3 times and Durood before and after daily post Isha obligatory prayer. Concentrate on your desire and seek Allah’s blessings for its fulfillment.
  • Before sleep, sit in a quiet room and light incense sticks. First, recite Durood-e-Sharif 11 times. Then, chantAllahusSamad for 1100 times. Now, blow it over the hands and rub them over the body. However, perform this daily for three weeks.
  • On the 1st lunar Thursday, first, take a spiritual cleansing bath. Next, sit on a prayer rug in an empty room. Write Surah Fatiha and a dua with saffron and rose water on a golden paper. Then, recite every 313 times. Finally, write your name, and fold it, seal it and wear it.
  • Moreover, every Friday, Juma, begin and end with 11 times In between utter Allah’s name 3125 times. Allah will grant your prayers.
  • Again, after Maghrib prayers, utter Allah’s name 2790 times. Do this continuously for 40 days.

Therefore, wazifa for the desired proposal is very useful for getting the best match.

Wazifa To Get Good Marriage Proposal

Wazifa To Get Good Marriage Proposal, You should attempt wazifa to get a good marriage proposal. It removes negative energies. Thus, it helps you to acquire a good-hearted life partner.

In this regard, consider these wazifas;

  • Besides the 5-times compulsory prayers, recite Surah Rehman and 24th verse of Surah Qasas. Afterward, make a supplication.
  • Again, perform any powerful wazifa. Then, take a bath and do the perfect wudu. Now, apply a little bit of kohl into your eyes. After reciting Surah Fatiha 21 times, blow over that kohl. Finally, make a suitable dua.
  • After the regular Isha prayer, recite Durood-e-Sharif 11 times. Then, utter AllahusSamad 1100 times. Blow over a glass of pure water. Then, blow over your hands and rub them over the body. Later, make a dua for protection. Finally, do it daily for 21 days.
  • The QuranicSurah Mumtahina is also a famous prayer. A girl should recite it thrice after her Isha After praying to Allah, she should blow it over her forehead. She should do this for 21 days.
  • Another quick wazifa is YaLateefu. Parents should recite it 150 times after three times Durood. Also, end your supplication with Before that, however, do the Isha prayer.
  • After Maghrib prayer, sit on a prayer rug in a separate room. Now, recite YaAliyyu 2970 times and make a dua. Perform it for 40 days.

Thus, wazifa to get a good marriage proposal strengthens your prayers. Accordingly, you earn Allah’s blessings. He will grant your wishes.

Wazifa For Acceptance of Marriage Proposal

Wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal erase your doubts regarding your marriage. It melts your partner’s heart, and he readily accepts you.

Accordingly, try these wazifas;

  • After two times, Durood read 2 Nafil Now, recite YaAliyyu 2700 times. Conclude with Durood. Finally, pray to Allah and make an appropriate dua. Do it for 40 days. However, after ablution, sit on a prayer rug in a lonely room and pray.
  • After your daily prayers, recite Surah Rehman3 times daily for 41 days. Besides, recite Durood and Selavat 11 times each. Also, utter Allah’s names as you wish. Afterward, make a suitable supplication.
  • Again, after the Isha prayer, recite Durood-e-Sharif 11 times. Then, recite AllahuSamad 1100 times. Now, blow over a glass of pure water. Later on, drink it faithfully. Also, blow over your hands and rub them over your body. Do this for 21 consecutive days.
  • Moreover, do the Mogheesodua after your dailywazib for 500 times. You should do it for 21 days. It is a powerful and effective wazifa.
  • Again, begin and end your Rohaniwazifa with 11 times Selavat. Chant YaMoho for 11000 times. However, only the parents or the would-be bride and groom can do it.
  • After your prayers, write the entire Surah Fatiha on a golden paper with saffron and rose water. Later, wear it around your arm or neck.

Therefore, you can easily convince people with wazifa for acceptance of the marriage proposal.

Wazifa For Love Marriage Proposal

Wazifa For Love Marriage Proposal, If you intend to marry your lover you must practice wazifa for love marriage proposal. It solves difficulties coming your way.

In this regard, consider these wazifas;

  • On a Wednesday night, you should perform the wuzu first. Then, recite Durood Sharif 11 times. After that read YaQayumu 21 times. End with 11 times Durood. Now, blow your breath over some food. Later, give it to your parents. They will readily accept your relationship. Do this for 21 days.
  • Again, after your evening prayer, wash your hands and feet. Now, keep a picture of your lover in front of you. Focus on the photo and recite Yawadoodo-yalateefu 1111 times. Once completed, make a dua for love marriage.
  • Likewise, recite Durood-e-Pak 11 times after your Isha Now, recite Ya-Jami’u 1111 times. End the wazifa with 11 times Durood-e-pak. Afterward, offer Allah a dua for love marriage. Do this daily for 41 days.
  • Recite DuroodSharif thrice at the beginning and the end. Read Surah Ilkhas313 times. Now make a dua. Do it for 11 days. You can also wear Surah Ilkhastaweez to convince your parents within 41 days. However, you should consult Molviji to obtain amazing results in your favor.
  • Moreover, you can read Surah Yaseen Sharif 11 times after making wuzu. Then, recite YaAllahuYaFattahu303 times. Finally, make a dua for love marriage problems.

Therefore, you should try wazifa for love marriage proposal.

FAQ About Wazifa For Desired Proposal

What To Read To Receive A Good Marriage Proposals In Islam?

These days, getting a good marriage proposal for anyone is very difficult. Some people don’t believe in the best recommendations but the right people. You become worried when the marriage keeps delaying due to multiple reasons. In such situations, you should have faith in Allah because he knows the right time. So do not lose hope and pray to him. If you are looking for what to read to receive good marriage proposals in Islam, then we have suggested two verses that are taken from holy books. These two supplications will help you to achieve your goal and get the right partner. Make sure to recite these Quranic surahs daily at a specific time. Plus, these wazifas has to be done by only a girls father. You can recite Surah Muzzammil for a good marriage proposal. This wazifa is transcripted in some books. If you are not receiving a good marriage proposal, then after your father can pray a two Rakatnamaz on Friday after Jummah prayers. Later on, after doing Salam, he should go into Sajdah and recite this wazifa for twenty-one times. Reciting it regularly will soon get you a suitable man. The next is Tasbih Of Bibi Fatima. In this wazifa, recite 2 Rakatnamaz. Next, recite durood Shareef eleven times. Then you can recite the tasbih of Bibi Fatima Zehra which includes 33 times Alhamdollillah, 34 times Allah’s Akbar and 33 times Subhan Allah. At the end of tasbeeh, recite durood Shareef eleven times. Lastly, recite Surahs like Shu-ara, Taha, Qasas, Namal, Yasin& Shu-ara consequently.

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