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Dua To Remove Bandish
Dua To Remove Bandish

Dua To Remove Bandish

Dua to remove bandish will remove bandish on marriage and break bandish for rizq, get it from our experienced Molana to remove bandish for business and enjoy every moment of life.

Noor was a very hardworking and a sweet girl. She was an IT graduate and was working in a small startup as a coder. She graduated a couple of years back. Now she had acquired a decent experience according to her and was thinking of starting something of her own. She started thinking of being self-employed. But she was not taking any actions for it as of now.

Dua To Remove Bandish
Dua To Remove Bandish

This new company that she had recently joined gave her excellent friends in the form of colleagues. She never would think of leaving them. She was sensing an odd bid behavior of her boss. He used to have more extended conversations with her.

Also, she felt that he is sharing more things from his life than a boss would typically do to a new joiner. Later she realized he was trying physical advances towards her. She discussed that with her colleagues. One day he crossed the line and tried kissing her. And that was a limit for noor.

Next day she left the job. She let her colleagues know that. Everybody felt bad for her. And now she started working on her freelancing cum agency. She started trying to get clients.

But no matter what she does, she was not getting clients at all. It’s been 2-3 months. She was without any income. Noor also thought of opting for a job, but she was not even getting calls for an interview. She developed frustration.

Her mom sensed that she must be under the influence of some bandish. She took her to molvi ji. He gave her dua to remove bandish. She came home and used that dua to remove bandish. The next week she got her first client for her business.

Dua To Remove Bandish on Marriage

Everything was going well in noor’s life. She was running her own registered company now. She was filing income tax returns, paying GST. Had a couple of people on payroll now. Everything was going well. She was happy and had achieved a decent momentum in professional life.

Also, now her parents started thinking that she was also getting older day by day. So they started thinking of her marriage now. They asked whether she is okay if they start finding a good groom for her. She didn’t have any problem with that. She was neutral, so she said okay.

So her parents told their colleagues, neighbors, friends, relatives about the fact that they have started searching for a decent groom for their daughter. Meanwhile, noor was pretty famous on Instagram as well due to her dressing sense and good looks.

Everybody in their known started talking about her and her popularity. Here, her parents have been searching for the groom, but none found to be fit for her. All grooms showed interest, but none of them was a good fit for their daughter. Almost a year passed away like this.

Her mother suspected that somebody would certainly have had a bandish on her daughter. So she accepted dua to remove bandish on marriage from molvi ji. She took all step as instructed by him while using that dua to remove bandish on marriage. And the next month they found a great broom for their daughter. Noor too liked the guy, and they finalized the marriage.

Dua To Break Bandish For Rizq

Zakir was a very hardworking guy. He had a 7 yr old kid, irfaan and a beautiful wife suzane. Suzane was a housewife whereas zakir was working in an oil company as office staff.

In his company, employee union had some demands because of which they had called off a strike. Things didn’t go well, and the company did not entertain the request. So the company suspended the entire department of those employees. And zakir was one of them.

He was jobless now. He started thinking of starting his own small business of sweets. Zakir had a little bit of capital, and his uncle had sweets business, so he had a little bit of idea about how to run that type of business. He knew it would take time to set up the industry, so he was also working as an estate agent side by side to give financial support to his family.

Over some time he realized due to some abnormal issues his sweets business is taking an unusual amount of time to set up. In addition to that, he was not able to sign any property deals as such. So he was getting frustrated because nothing was working. He was worried how would he take of his family?

He suspected there has to be a bandish that is resisting him to move forward. Hence he consulted a molvi ji. Molvi ji asked him various questions, tried to understand his situation and then gave him dua to break bandish for rizq. Zakir was pleased accepting this dua from molvi ji. Molvi ji told him that his dua to break bandish for rizq is very powerful and he has to follow all set of rules correctly.

Dua To Remove Bandish For Business

Zakir obeyed all steps as molvi ji had told him and within seven days, he got a new deal signed up for real estate. He was happy, at least something was working. Later he also realized things that were stuck to set up his sweets business also picked up speed and now he was soon able to launch the business.

In a short period, he launched his sweets business. Business picked up momentum. He no longer needed to keep working as a real estate agent. His sweets business started flourishing. Zakir started getting more and more orders. His sweets started becoming famous in the area. People started talking about him. What he was and how things are now.

He decided to set up a new branch for his sweets business. And he started working on it and finding the right spot, shop, talking to the owner, getting supplier aligned, doing a bit of market research, finding out if there are any competitors nearby.

Everything was going smooth until he realized that its been one year but still due to one or the other issue, he could not open a new branch, and even now he was still struggling to get everything in place for it.

So he consulted molvi ji. Molvi ji realized that it was a bandish. So he gave zakir, dua to remove bandish for business. He remembered last time when molvi ji gave him dua it worked 100 percent.

So this time he showed the same determination while using this dua to remove bandish for business and yes, it worked again. Within the next two months, he started his new branch.

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