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Amal E Hamzad
Amal E Hamzad

Amal E Hamzad

Amal E Hamzad ka sifli amal or amal to control hamzad can be use in amal e hamzad in only 7 days, If you want to solve these type of solution then ask to help from our expert now.

Allah created human beings. he has created them from soft earth. Allah has made them rulers of this world. They can enjoy every type of benefit from the creatures which are living on earth. Every person lives according to his/her wishes, desires, and hopes on this earth.

Amal E Hamzad
Amal E Hamzad

He/she wants to get more wealth, health, and fame on this earth. Every person has a rooh in his/her body. As long as rooh is alive, the person is alive. With the release of rooh from his body, the collection also dies. This rooh or the inner person who always lives with a person is known as hamzad.

Hamzads are very powerful, more powerful than jinns. They are not time bonded; they move more than the speed of time. are faster than our thinking. To take control of hamzads is a very tough task for every person. Because it needs a lot of hard work.

Hamzad is not a jin or something else. It is a pure soul. Science till now, Has not able to explain the concept of the soul. Being as a Muslim, we must believe the knowledge that is present in Quran pak and Sunnah about the soul.

We do not know how the soul has created the knowledge of soul has kept By Allah Jalashaana hoo to him. Amal e Hamzad can be used negatively or positively. It depends upon the people who want to take control of hamzad. It is a huge storehouse of inner energy. Amal hamzad can be done in this way with the help of the Quran;

  • First of all, you have to recite

“ Lilahah lla Anta Subhanak Inni Kunta Minaz Zaakimeen.”

Recite this dua for 777 times in the house for four months or can be done in solitary rooms. Read before and after this Durood-e-Ibraheem.

  • After forty days of recitation of the Quran. You have to recite Lacuna jallalah Rabbi Nala, Usriku Birabbi Ahad 1307 time a day. After this recitation, you will see a shadow will emerge in your place.
  • Read below ayat of the Quran for 90 days consecutively 30 times a day. After the completion of this ayat, you will feel a human-like face around you. You will see the solutions of your problems as long as the blink of your eye as soon as you close your eyes to getting a solution to your problem. The solution will be in front of you. the Quranic ayat is; “ she Alakuli Saun Kadir.”

This amal of hamzad has positive effects on human beings. There is another amal of hamzad called safari hamzad which has a negative impact both on the person who uses it and on the person on which this hamzad is used. This should not be used. It is a dangerous kind of amal hamzad.

Hamzad Ka Sifli Amal

Hamzad Ka Sifli Amal, This kind of amal hamzad is negative. It creates a negative impact on the human body. This amal hamzad is also known as the shadow of satanic or evil humiliation.

Because this amal can create negativity in a person. With the help of this amal hamzad, the harmful effects of all enemies will be eliminated forever. This amal hamzad should be used wisely. It should be used as a victory sign over enemies not to defeat them directly.

Sifli hamzad is done in a dirty environment because of evil powers like the dirty environment very much. You should be so dirty that foul smell is coming from your clothes. It is amal, which is associated with shaitan. So dirtier you are happy the shaitan will be.

You need to be a friend of shatian to do Sifli hamzad. The person who performs this amal should be impure and dirty. This would be dangerous amal if the magician forgot one portion of the sifkli amal his life becomes hell till his death. Here is the procedure for sifli amal hazad;

  • First of all, stand up at noon. Such that your shadow will be behind you and not in front you.
  • Then read “ Aan jaway saaya na aaway Aatma jaway pakad lay aaway Andr baar shoor machaway Kabo wich falan lay aaway” recite your name in place of Falan.
  • Recite this mantra for 1000 times. After some days Hamzah will start appearing in front of you. After hamzah will agree with you. Then start taking your work from him/her.

Note; do not use this analyst for illegal purposes.

Amal E Hamzad In Only Seven Days

Amal E Hamzad In Only Seven Days, Amal e hamzad is a very powerful thing. You must be healthy physically and mentally to take control of hamzad. You should be free from any diseases such as piles or haemorrhoids.

any deformities like feet missing or hand, having any deformity and women who are pregnant cannot do amal e hamzad. Also, a person who has low vision, suffering from anxiety and depression, and older people cannot perform this amal.

A person can do this amal to persuade hamzad to do his/her work. Hamzad can do various things for a person. If hamzad is healthy, he can take you lost love back or can destroy your beloved if you want.

Hamzad can predict the disease very early and exact. So use this amal hamzad for right purposes to be beneficial for you and others. Here is amal e hamzad you can gain it in just seven days;

  • First of all, do wadu before going to your bed.
  • Write the names of four nafarmaan persons of Allah Firon, Shadad, haman and abuham shaitan on the four pieces of paper. Put them in four corners of your bed where you sleep. Do not talk to anyone as soon as you burn them in the morning.
  • Do this amal continuously for seven days. You will get hamzad soon.

 Amal To Control Hamzad

Amal To Control Hamzad, Once you have to gain control of hamzad. You should be very careful of the fact that hamzad will not lose control. It is necessary to take full control of the work of hamzad unless he can be dangerous for you as well as for your life. To control hamzad do this activity;

  • When you eat or drink something. Put some portion from it on earth and ask the hamzad that it is your part.
  • Do this amal for 41 days.
  • Do not do wrong things while performing this amal. Remain away from drinking, smoking drugs, etc.
  • And read “Hamzad come in front of me and talk to me” for 3125 times and sleep.

Note: do not drink or eat the portion of hamzad during this amal.

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