Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems 5/5 (7)

Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems
Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems

Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems

Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems or for husband love can be use to get lost love. Use our rohani wazifa for love marriage.

How To Use Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems?

These days people are preoccupied with several problems. Everybody wants to spend time with his loved ones to subside all his worries and tensions. Love fulfills your emotional needs and helps to heal all your sufferings. But, if the problem lies in love itself, then the effect gets magnified.

It becomes intolerable for you to see that your love is not reciprocated. It weakens your mind and makes you incapable of dealing with other problems too. You can give up many things in life, but definitely, not the love of your life.

Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems
Rohani Wazifa For Love Problems

You have tried different ways to keep your beloved happy. But, lately, you find that he/she does not understand your emotions. Your meetings used to end in a happy note earlier. But these days it ends in misunderstanding, anger and arguments. It is also observable that you do not like to meet each other in fear of the heated arguments that you have.

Again, it is so painful for you to remain apart from him/her. You try to restore and revive the love which you shared with your beloved earlier. Whatever might be your differences, you have made up your mind to stay with this person forever. And you will do anything to keep him/her by your side.

Again, it is not always that the lovers face problems with each other. Family and society also can be the cause of love problems. Whatever be the case, you can find a solution to your love problem by practicing the Rohani wazifa. Pray two rakats of Nafal Salah and then read the dua given below for 101 times. Before and after reading the dua, say ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times.

“Wanajana Ma Fi Sudure Him Min Gillen Ekh Wanan Ala Surin Muta Qabelin” 

Then blow on water. You have to sprinkle this water on the food and make him/her eat it. This wazifa can be done anytime in a day. Could you do it for 7 days? In Sha Allah, your love problems will be solved.

How To Use Rohani Wazifa To Get Lost Love?

Rohani Wazifa To Get Lost Love, Your relationship has severed a long time back. You are no longer together. However, you are unable to move on in life. You cannot think of anyone else as your life partner. His/her memories emerge in your mind whenever you are alone. You cherish those happy days and want to get back your lost love.

However, you are afraid to approach the person for the bitter end that you had. You do not need to worry much. If your intentions are good and if your feelings for the person is genuine, call Allah. Pray to him regularly, ask for forgiveness and express your desire to get back your beloved. Practice the wazifa to get back your lost love.

After Isha Salah, perform two Rakat of Nafal Salah and recite the following dua for 73 times.  

Watammat Kalimatu Rabbika Sidqan Wa Adlan La Mubaddela Le Kalimatehi Wahuwa Ussamiyul Alim”

When you cry, repent and beg in front of Allah- the All-Merciful, He takes pity on you and answers all your prayers. A common dua for all love problems is to do the zikr of saying “Ya Wadudo” every time and any time you feel like. This loving name of Allah bestows love in everybody’s life.

How To Use Rohani Wazifa For Husband’s Love?

Rohani Wazifa For Husband’s Love, A family survives on the love that exists between the husband and the wife. If your husband’s love is missing, then you are letting go of a vital thing in life. It would help if you acted as the pivot around which your husband’s life revolves.

Many times, women are made to believe that a man can act the way he wants. The wife should adjust and accept everything on her behalf.

Remember, being his wife, and you too have every right to win his love. Do not let go of the love that you deserve from him. Instead of accepting the situation, you should come forward to make space in his heart.

The wife is the heart of the family. And when the wife is ignored, all kinds of problems crop up later. Make every attempt to win your husband’s love. Pray to Allah, the Beloved, and also the Lover of all creations to fix your love problem.

Practice the Rohani wazifa for the husband’s love. Take three cardamoms, recite the following dua for 101 times and blow on the cardamoms.

“Wa Qala Niswatun Fil Madeenatim Ra Atu Ul Azize Tura Bedu Fataha An Nafsehi Qadsa Afaha Hubba Inna Lana Raha Fi Dalalim Mobin” 

Powder the cardamoms and apply them on any sweet food to be eaten by your husband. You have to make use of all the powdered cardamoms between 3 to 5 days. In Sha Allah, with the blessing of Allah, your husband will start loving you.

How To Use Rohani Wazifa For Love Marriage?

Rohani Wazifa For Love Marriage, You are seeing this person for a long time. All your happiness, joy, and peace are centered around him/her. You have made up your mind to be together forever. However, certain people are creating obstacles in your way to marriage.

You desperately want to overcome these obstacles as you cannot think of carrying on with life without him/her. Along with the different ways that you are adopting, also seek the help of the Almighty Allah. His Divine Blessings will easily pave the way to your love marriage.

At night, pray Tahajjud Salah and read ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times. Recite the dua given below for 93 times-

“Asa-ullahu Ai-yajala Bainakum Wa Baina Allajeena Adaitum Minhum Ma Waddat Wallahu Qader Wa Ullahu Gafuroor Rahim” 

Say the same ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times again. Pray to Allah compassionately, asking for your union with your beloved. Every Friday, after ‘Asr Salah’ recite Surah Ar- Rahman. Then, make dua to Allah, expressing your desire to marry your beloved.

In Sha Allah, prayed with the right intentions; your prayer will bear fruits. Allah has created human beings in pairs. Among all His creations, He made humanity, the most lovable of all. Allah Himself feels very happy when He sees hearts united in an honorable and justified manner.

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