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Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love
Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

Excess of everything is harmful be it our emotions for a person we once loved. We all are someway or the other stuck in the past, it has become so difficult for us to let go on feelings we have for a person. No one is constant in this world, either in this world or in your, on a very honest note learn to let go. Don’t let the wounds of the past ruin your present or the worst your future. Allah has given us only one life and there is no point in wasting it for a single person.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love
Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

Well it is easier said than done. I know it is difficult and I know you have been trying. But, unfortunately our heart is wicked and it plays games with us when it should not, it teases our memories even in our sleeps and diverts our mind to that person even if we don’t want that to happen. I would call it Satan’s doing as he finds pleasure in our pain. The good news is Allah is by our side always. Your separation with your previous love was his plan for the better and if you were accusing him for what he did, then you better don’t, his love for you is beyond your imagination. The warmth of his love can melt your heart in no time only you knew about his plans for you. So, the key her is to have some patience first.

The good part in this is that you have realised that there is no point in going back and you have decided to get over with it. And, if you have decided it for sure then Allah will certainly show you a way out. Before that there are certain things which I suggest you to do. In today’s world, where we are surrounded by technology so much that it interferes in our life quite often. I hope, you are getting the hint here, firstly, remove all the photos of your ex from your phones, laptops and even from your drawers or from that secret corner in your cupboard. If you won’t do that, then you are just fooling yourself.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

Life is a long journey and it is going to offer you so much, more than you could even think. That one person wasn’t your life and if he or she is gone, then inshallah you are going to get someone much better, someone you truly deserve. If Allah closes one door then surely he opens for you many more, all you have to do is to look and look beyond that person.

Dua to forget someone you love:

Allah’s path is the noblest and the easiest path. Once you go on his way he will ensure that you will get what you want and indeed what is right for you. Love is blinding and can be misleading too. Now, when that is person is finally out of your life only them you have realised that how harming that relation was to you and in all that time how much you have lost already. And, if that was a beautiful relationship and couldn’t last for some reason, then it hurts you even more. No need to get disheartened, here are some Dua which you can do so that Allah will relieve you from your grief.



    “Allahu Kafi Ala Kafi Wah-Jada-tuh-Ala Kafi bi kafiyal kafi wah kafiniyal kaafi waah nih imaal kaafi wah lillahi ala Hamdoo”


Recite this dua as much as you can by reading “Durrod shareef” before and after the dua. Allah will surely listen to you and help you to get rid of the unnecessary sadness from your life.



Forgetting your past is the most important thing here, if you keep stuck with it then you will never be able to move forward. Recite the following dua and Inshallah you will get the desired result.

“Rababa aamana faghfirlana warhamna wah antaha khayroor rahimin”

If your past is full of bad memories or if you have done something of which you are ashamed of, then this dua will surely help you in your repentance. Read this dua every day and ask Allah to forgive and unchain you from the bad memories.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love
Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

Allah is your true friend, you can empty your heart in front him, tell him your darkest of secrets. He will always listen to you and provide solutions to all your problems. Pray to him daily, call out his name and show him how desperately you want to get over with that person and of his memories. If you want to escape your past, then that is totally fine because we all are running from it. You should not let all that affect you any way, this is the only thing which matters here the most.

Islamic Dua to Forget Someone You Love

You should be mindful here of the fact that in your life there are many more people than that person, who really cares for you. They are your parents, your brothers and sisters and they truly care for you and at times even more you think. Sharing is the best remedy here, don’t keep things to yourself and let them kill you silently. If you can’t share your feelings with your family, then there should be some friend as often we tend to share a better bond with our friends then our family. And if there is no one then there is Allah, you can talk to him anytime and will surely reciprocate in his own ways.

Don’t let you heart divert you. Try and get involve in productive things, stay busy in work and when thoughts begin to return to you ask Allah to help you out. He will give you enough strength and insha allah this hurdle of your life will go away in no time. Just be a little easy on yourself and stop blaming yourself for things you have done in the past like loving that person unconditionally. It is just a phase and will get over soon. May Allah help you. Ameen.


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