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Ruqyah for Love Problems
Ruqyah for Love Problems

Ruqyah for Love Problems

Powerful ruqyah for love problems- The love that you so strongly pursued, has eventually brought you to a point where you are no longer sure of its existence. It happens. That is life. People change and with that changes their emotions.  We as humans will always seek love, be heart-broken and pursue it all over again. That is our nature. Without Love, we don’t exist. This entire universe is a result of God’s love. Love is the quintessential aspect of existence.

So, it’s natural that you don’t want to give up on your relationship, even if it has turned sour over time. You are right in not giving up. This aspect of your nature is a reflection of Allah’s Essence. He believes in Love and so he shall protect you from the agonies of a relationship breaking apart. Which is why the Quran offers solutions to love problems in the form of ruqyah for love problems.

Ruqyah for Love Problems
Ruqyah for Love Problems

Whether it’s a personal rift between couples or challenges posed by family &relatives’problems always arise in any relationship. To solve them, what you need is to exhibit faith and patience. All other challenges can be resolved by using the ruqyah for love problems.

Even when there are no interpersonal challenges in the relationship there are several other external factors that influence the sanctity of a relationship and often threaten to bring the relationship to an abrupt end. These problems cannot always be evaded but you can face them head-on by performing the ruqyah for love problems.

Ruqyah for love and attraction

It is important to know that ruqyah for love problems, is an effective dua delivered to mankind by the prophets of Allah. While this dua is extremely powerful and never fails, it depends also on the fact on the intent of the person performing it. You must call upon Allah’s grace only if you are a devout follower of Allah’s teachings.  And you have been doing the daily 5 namaz religiously.

With all-seeking and all-knowing Allah, no tricks of humans will ever work. If there’s ill intent, then it is strongly suggested you don’t indulge in this dua. For those who use Allah’s teachings for wrong reasons get punished by Allah. Do not use ruqyah for love problems to attract someone who doesn’t love you or steal someone from another person. Such intent is unforgivable in the eyes of Allah.

But if you are deeply in love with the person and the other person reciprocates your love, then all the worldly problems that may come in your way can be resolved by using the ruqyah for love problems. There is no challenge no problem big enough for Allah, for he has created this world and everything there is in it.


This is the most powerful duaoffered to devout followers of Allah by prophetHazrat Dawood.

  1. Perform the ruqyah for love problems ritual on a Thursday.
  2. You will need to Fast and abstain from all kinds of food and drink the entire day till the sunset.
  3. At night, wake up after 12 pm, to continue with the ritual.
  4. Begin with taking a bath and cleansing yourself.
  5. Then do properWuzu.
  6. After this, chant two Rakats.
  7. Write down the Surah At-Tawbah verse 9:129 on a piece of paper.

fa in tawallaw fa-qulhas biyallaahulaai laahaillaa huwaalayhita wak kaltu wahuwarabbalar shilazeem

  1. Recite the above dua 33 times continuously.
  2. Then recitethe following dua30 times continuously:

allahummaa`tifqalbafulan(a) <name of beloved>ibni/bintifulana<his/her mom’s name> `ala fulan(a) <your name>ibni/bintifulana<your mother’s name>.

  1. If for any reason, you don’t know your partner’s mother’s name then simply say -“ibniHawwa”
  2. Now roll this piece of paper such that it can be put inside a taveez. Then wear the taveez for 40 days.

The ritual for ruqyah for love problemscan be performed by any person you trust, except your partner. If for any reason you are not sure of performing it correctly, instead of doing trial and error, it is advised that you consult an Islamic Astrologer. The Astrologers are expert in holy scriptures and its teachings and have mastered the wisdom with years of practice and dedication. They can help you with ruqyah.

Love is not meant to be given up on. If there is a problem in love, strive to solve it. This is Allah will, and this is what he wishes for his children. Revel in knowing that it’s none other than Allah backing your love. Do the ruqyah for love problems once and save your relationship from dwindling away.

May love guide your path, May Allah be your savior, and May you cherish the bounty of Allah’s grace and experience the beauty of love all your life. Ameen.


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