Ruqyah For House Protection 5/5 (14)

Ruqyah For House Protection
Ruqyah For House Protection

Ruqyah For House Protection

Anyone can use ruqyah to get house protection. Have you ever seen a bird making its nest? It brings what not, bit by bit and string it all, to make a lovely nest, a safe abode to her kids and to herself. It is same with us too. Our house is a lot of things to us, it is that corner of safety to which we all go to. It happens to me all the time, the moment I am done with my work outside I straight away head home. It is like my safe place and I am sure it is same with you.

But, what if this safe haven of yours becomes no more same. Your place in which you used to hide and escape all the tension is attacked by the Satan itself. Along with us there are other species too, which exists and can’t be seen, the common term for them in Islam is Jinn and just like us they can be good or bad too. Bad Jinns and Satan are those out worldly power which you cannot fight on your own, that is why Allah keeps you under his protection day and night. That is the main reason we are all the time surrounded by them but are not bothered by them.

Ruqyah For House Protection
Ruqyah For House Protection

Unfortunately, for unknown reason or due to certain mistakes that we end up doing, there and our paths get crossed. They get attracted towards our home and try to bother us. No one would like to live in a haunted house. Our elders used to take a lot of precautions while building a house or buying. There is a big and an important reason in that, what if that place in which you are building a home has a grave or already haunted or has some evil vibe. But there is no surety to such things and it can happen to you or your house for absolutely no reason.



it is used to repair damage caused by the Jinn possession or the evil eye. Jinn is the one whose meaning is to hide or to be concealed still if they get after us, they can make our life a living hell. There are many reasons why a house gets possessed by the jinns or the evil. Either you have caused harm to them without even knowing and now, they are simply taking revenge. its also used protection against black magic sihr which is done by anybody on you.

But, it is always suggested that when you start seeing the symptoms and get to know the reasons that such a power is haunting you then you should immediately take some ones help. Before the matter get worse. Such things are like a parasite and they feed on you and your family, your happiness and does not go away till the time they destroy everything. I know this sound bad but think about them who are under such influence and living in a constant fear.


In such cases it is said that make Allah your supreme leader and ask for his help no matter what. He is the only solution to all your problems and your supreme protector. He can make that happen which you can’t so before you fell in the web of a hoax, you do what is really need to be done. Those whose houses are being haunted by a jinn or satan, should be regular in their salat and read Qur’an daily. They say in that house in which Allah is remembered daily can never become haunted or possessed so make sure that the words of Allah should reach every corner of your house.



A truly Islamic Ruqya or exorcism does not have any nonsense mantra but in it certain verses of the quran are recited to Invoke Allah’s help to cast away the demon.  The most helpful here is the Throne verse or The Ayatul kursi and other Surahs like Surah al Ikhlas, Surah al falaq and Surah an Naas and in some case even adhan is given to ward away the evil.



You can do this on your own too in case you cannot find an outside help. Here are the steps: –

First make the Ruqyah water, by reading the following surah:

First say Auzubillahi minash shaitwanir rajeem and recite surah Al Fatiha for the 7 times, Surah Al Baqrah till the 10th verse, then its 102 verse for the 7 times, then the verse 255 to 256 and 285 to 286. Now, recite verse 18 and 19 of the Surah Al-E-Imran. Read Surah Al Araf(117-119) for 7 times, Surah Yunus from 81 to 82 for the 7 times and in the last Surah Taha from 65 to 69 for the 7 times. Then dry spit in the bottle of clean water. Either you use the water or the incense stick for your process or both.

  • Go to the quietest room of your house and from its window, with the firm resolve in your heart give the Azan. The Azan should be loud enough and with a sincere attempt.
  • Read Ayatal –Qursi now in the procedure and also before going to the bed every night.
  • Recite the last verse of the Surah Al-Baqrah.
  • After doing the given procedure you should sprinkle the Ruqya water in each and every corner of your house. Also burn the incense sticks as it will choke the evil present in your house and he will rush out of it in no time.

Till the time you don’t feel, safe in the house or feel it is still possessed, repeat the procedure daily and also recite Surah Al-Baqra in the regular intervals. Make your house a prayer house and let the name of Allah flow in its very air. No demon will stand that and will automatically leave the house. His name is way too powerful than the demon.Now pray to Allah and seek for his protection and surely he will end this nightmare of yours in no time. Ameen.


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