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Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage
Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage

Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage

Marriages have always been the most pristine of human experiences. It is one of the blessings conferred upon mankind by Allah. To fall in love, to marry and raise a family is a blessing. It’s one of the beauties of life, we get to experience as humans. Yet, often, this boon is achieved after a lot of trials. To find a soul-mate with whom you can spend an entire lifetime is a thing of destiny. To ensure that your destiny smiles upon you and brings you the right life partner, you can perform it.

Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage
Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage

Whether your marriage is being arranged, or you have found someone right for you; or whether you are a divorcee looking for a better partner. Whatever your life situations are, if you have a strong desire to marry and find a good life partner, you can use the namaz-e-hajat for love marriage.

Marriages these days have become quite a challenge to both sides of the families. There’s a lot involved when two families decide to come together and form a holy union, by sharing their child with another family. In arranged marriage this is natural, but with love marriage, this becomes quite a challenge. Both families have their reservations, often due to which they deliberate or deny the relationship. But you can overcome this challenge by doing salatul hajat for love marriage.

Salatul hajat for love marriage

Often even after love marriage, things change for both lovers. The practicalities of life take a toll and the couples become more grim than cheerful. Eventually, the distance between the two grows and relationships go through a rough patch. If you are in one such a situation, you can find the lost love back in your marriage by doing the namaz-e-hajat for love marriage.

Whatever your hurdles are in fulfilling your love, you can overcome it with determination and strong will. You and your partner need to have confidence on each other’s love. You both also need to have an unflinching faith in Allah. Then you can do it and get Allah to bless your love.

The Quran has solutions for every challenge human can ever phase in their life. For every problem, there’s a specific amal, wazifa, dua to resolve it. For love marriage too, namaz-e-hajat for love marriage. Youcan do it at the comfort your home and seek Allah’s blessings. In no time, you will find your life partner walking into your life. And your life will transform forever, blossoming with love and happiness forever.

Keep your faith in Allah, for he is the generous one. He grants all wishes and supports love amongst humans. As long as you don’t deviate from the path of Allah, do your regular 5 times namaz, speak and act as per his guidance, you will be in his grace forever.  You can do the namaz-e-hajat for love marriage, and he will make sure you get what you desire.

Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage
Namaz E Hajat for Love Marriage


  1. On Monday, after the Ishanamaz, do 4 Rakat and 1 Salaam.
  2. Pray to Allah to grant your wish.
  3. First Rakat, ReciteSurah Fatihafirst then Surah Ikhlas, 15 Times.
  4. Second Rakat,Recite Surah Fatihafirst then Surah Ikhlas, 24 Times.
  5. Third Rakat,Recite Surah Fatiha then Surah Ikhlas, 39Times.
  6. For the fourth Rakat,Recite Surah Fatiha then Surah Ikhlas, 29 Times.
  7. Now, reciteSurah Ikhlas, 78 times.
  8. Recite IstaghfarAllahumAig-fr-Li, 89times.
  9. Recite Darood Sharif, 73 times.

Dua e hajat for love marriage

After you have performed the ritual, ask Allah to grant your wish wholeheartedly.Allah will perform the miracle right before your eyes. You will not only find the soulmate you are seeking but all hurdles from your path will be cleared. For Allah, wants what you want. In your happiness, lies his glory.

But also know this, that at times, we may not realize what is right for us and often pursue something that may be more harmful than helpful. In such cases, Allah, who knows everything will ensure you get something much better than what you had hoped for. But while Allah is all-willing to grant wishes, he wants to make sure that it’s genuine desire and not a fickle whim. So, don’t get deterred if you don’t see the results.

Feel free to consult the religion advisor as they would tell how easily others have got their wishes fulfilled by following duaAlso, for any reason, however, if you are unable to perform the namaz-e-hajat for love marriage ritual yourself, you can consult the local Moulvi or Islamic Astrologer, who can guide you with an alternative option.

The astrologer can perform the ritual and provide you with a taveez, which will be equivalent to you performing it, yourself. Soon, you will find the right life partner, that you have been seeking and experience the joy of matrimony.


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